Lavington Park, Nr Petworth, West Sussex

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    I recently posted details of a war memorial in the Sussex village of Graffham, the names of three brothers on the memorial prompted me to investigate the family.
    Can you photograph your local war memorial? (UK)

    The Wallace family owned the country estate of Lavington Park which was subsequently requisitioned as HQ Special Service Brigade, later Royal Marine Commandos.

    Lavington Park is now the home of Seaford College and their website contains a link to an interesting article by the Personal Assistant to GOC Major General Robert Sturges, see second video on the College's history page "A letter from Lavington Park":
    Life at Seaford College in West Sussex: Prep, Senior, Sixth Form, flexi-boarding,
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    Tony, out of interest, I was a student here between 1984-89 and I remember a visit by some ex Royal Marine Commandos who were posted here during the war. I seem to remember showing them around my study dorm which probably hadn't changed much from when they were there!!
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