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    I don't remember ever actually seeing a document that said we were forbidden to keep diaries but you are quite right in your comment "the rationale being that it could reveal compromising information if the man fell into enemy hands"
    I suppose that as I kept diaries in "Civvie street" I automatically continued to do so in the Army.
    But you're quite right in assuming that I am glad I did so !!!!!
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    As are all of us here, Ron!
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    Your memories of the flying visit to Rome in June '44 is extremely interesting ..and extremely moving.

    best wishes
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    Given the current use of the concept of furlough to mean a form of paid lay off it's worth remembering that the term originally meant extended leave (often of over a months duration) from the army. There is at least one case of a senior British officer in the late Victorian period being granted 8 months furlough to take the waters in a German spa. Sometimes whole regiments would be granted furlough. All this seems to have ended with the reforms instituted after the South African War.
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    Getting leave was precious. We would make up any story just to get 24 hours off.
    Unfortunately in my second year of national service I had to listen to all these madcap schemes and had to decide whether to grant leave or not. I would loved to have had the example from above presented to me.
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    Calcutta was a popular destination in India for longer leave periods:

    calcutta-1-2_orig.jpg calcutta-2-2_orig.jpg calcutta-3-2_orig.jpg calcutta-4-2_orig.jpg calcutta-5_orig.jpg metro-calcutta_orig.jpg
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