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    Just saw on the twittersphere that the Laurier Centre for Military Strategic and Disarmament Studies have digitsied their
    Second World War Canadian Army Air Photos, they're good but not quite up to the standard of RCHAMS.


    The attached file will help you find what you are looking for


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    good day brithm,sm.yesterday.03:27pm.re:chm archieve canadian aerial photographs.just to let you know i got no responce from your link.regards bernard85
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    It looks like a work in progress. I have to copy and paste box urls in a new window to see the aerials. Your included PDF is more helpful than the on site search function which produces nothing for a number of localities. As for quality you would have to pay for that at $45 a pop (yikes!) unless you purchase a bunch. They are scanned at fairly high DPI though I don't understand why .jpgs (800) are different from .tiffs (1200)? A 1200 DPI scan of an 8" x 10" print should result in a fairly big file and one reason they would use Dropbox rather email to send over the internet.

    Some of my assumptions could be wrong there. Anyway thanks for the link - quite interesting ... :)

    Regards ...
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  4. klambie

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    It's a bit frustrating as I don't find the locality info terribly helpful. Not certain if they have the sortie maps (if that's the correct term), but those would help immensely in tying a photo to a more precise location.
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    Thought I'd pass this on. I'm been in communication with the Admin of the LHM site in the last couple of days he suggests that
    "the website version is actually the most up to date finding aid, but it is still a work in progress." and that "I am in the process of making the links live so that people don't have to copy and paste it into their browser. "
    He assured me their is much more to come from LHM.
    OH Brithm thanks for the link it has opened a large resoucre for any one intested in Canadian.
    Wills put these up on the Normandy thread. no telling whats in there every reel is a suprise http://heritage.canadiana.ca/view/oocihm.lac_mikan_133700?page=1
    and http://heritage.canadiana.ca/view/oocihm.lac_reel_t1866/16?r=0&s=3
    the first reel is mostly 1st canadian corp War Diaries havent got much further than that.
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