Lieut. Michael Stritch Hutton, Royal Tank Regt.

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    In St. Hilary's Church, Spridlington, Lincolnshire. There's also a WW1 plaque, but not one for WW2, in the church; however, there are two WW2 CWGC graves in the churchyard - J.R. Sykes, R.A.O.C., and A. Denton, R.A.F., plus two post-war military headstones - Gunner B. Johnson, R.A., died 25.7.1956, and Warrant Officer A. W. Stribley, R.A.F., died 14.6.1961.


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    Screen Shot 2018-09-09 at 14.31.16.png
    Screen Shot 2018-09-09 at 14.36.17.png
    Linconshire Echo 27th July 1948
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    Nice to see Andreas's hard work put to good use

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    I assume the war diary entry on 19 Nov 'lorry camouflage was dropped' refers to sunshields. A nice detail if that's the case.
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    Hutton Household (2 People)
    2 Stevenson Crescent, Poole M.B., Dorset
    Walter C S Hutton - 13 Jul 1871 - Artist (Painter)
    Amy M Hutton - 15 Nov 1877 - Incapacitated

    Walter Charles Stritch Hutton (1871–1953) | Art UK
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