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Discussion in 'RAMC' started by Steerforth, May 7, 2017.

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    My father would have been 100 years old last September. He enlisted in the army in 1939 and served at Dunkirk and in North Africa in the British 8th Army. He was an army medic in the RAMC.

    He died in 1969, and among his papers was a menu for the VE Day dinner, May, 1945. Nothing fancy, of course, just a sheet of paper with typewriting. I don't know how it would have been duplicated for everybody in his unit; maybe he managed to get the only copy! Roast beef with Yorkshire pud.

    I had the menu framed and mounted. It was hanging in my living room. Unfortunately, it was stolen from me about fifteen years ago. Trusting people never gets any easier.

    There was a header - and it mentioned VE Day in May, 1945 and also "RAMC". I also remember "98" as part of a title of his unit, also, "Warrant Officers and Non-Commissioned Officers" - but maybe that is who the dinner was for. He was a sergeant.

    Does anybody have any knowledge of the "98" - or what it would have referred to? Recall that it would have been a medical unit.

    Also, are there personnel records available that I could access about his military service for seven or eight years, 1939 - 1946? I read somewhere that some British WW2 record won't be available for another several or more years. I don't know enough about this!

    God Bless you all! I am a Vietnam War veteran; my dad and I were both sergeants, too. I have our medals mounted. Thanks very much for any help you can give me! Cheers!
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  3. Steerforth

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    Thanks! His name was "Richard Procter", born in 1916, and he was from the Accrington, Lancashire area - could be listed as "Blackburn". I don't think I have anymore information.
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    Richard Procter born 1916, Lancashire - Ancestry gives 3 results

    Richard Procter
    Apr-May-Jun 1916 Preston Lancashire

    Richard Procter
    Oct-Nov-Dec 1916 Blackburn Lancashire

    Richard Procter
    Jan-Feb-Mar 1916 Preston Lancashire

    Using the Blackburn as a guide from your post above:
    England & Wales, Civil Registration Birth Index, 1916-2005
    Name: Richard Procter
    Mother's Maiden Surname: Walsh
    Date of Registration: Oct-Nov-Dec 1916
    Registration district: Blackburn
    Inferred County: Lancashire
    Volume Number: 8e
    Page Number: 415

    Is this the right info for him?
    Richard Procter
    BIRTH SEPTEMBER 6, 1916 • Accrington, Lancashire, England
    DEATH 1969 • Host, Pennsylvania

    You can apply for his service records as mentioned by CL1 - need a copy of his death certificate
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    That's my dad! He was killed in an automobile accident in November, 1969 when he was visiting his older brother in a small Pennsylvania town (Host) about thirty miles from Reading, PA. I had just returned from a tour of duty in Vietnam.

    Is this from Ancestry.com? Reason I ask is that I submitted all of that information years ago.

    Thanks very much!
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  7. Steerforth

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    I am not a member of Ancestry. I found out years ago that I cannot go any further back than my paternal grandfather as the right line cannot be determined.

    I recognize "Horsfield" as being a Canadian cousin (on my mother's side) who did some digging around for me years ago.
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    Re your initial question, you can still apply for his service records which will be the first step in understanding his military history.
    The 1 tree shows Procters going back to 1755 - a little further back than your paternal grandfather I think, maybe its time to rekindle some connections
    Thomas Procter
    BIRTH 1755 • Claughton Lancashire England
    DEATH JUNE 1832 • Caton Lancashire, England

  9. Steerforth

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    Thanks again. I do have all or most of that information somewhere, but it appear to be moot because I cannot verify my grandfather's birth. About all one can do at this point is to guess his line. I have not come across a birth or death certificate for him, and a cousin in Lancaster who may have some records is non-responsive to my requests for information.

    Thomas Procter, born 1831 - Ancestry

    We think this may be Grandfather Richard Procter, but we cannot prove it:

    Richard Procter, born 1862 - Ancestry
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    98 British General Hospital
    Goodwood (England) 10/42 to 2/43 then overseas; Blida Algeria 3/43 to 4/43 and then to Metaha; (Cant find but sounds N Africa) Metaha 4/43 to 4/43 then to Chateaudun;(Can only find it in middle of France, as 43 it would not be there) Chateaudun 4/43 to 6/43 then to Sousse;(Tunisia) Sousse 6/43 to 9/43 then to Catania;(Sicily) Catania 9/43 to 10/43 then to Bari; (Italy) Bari 10/43 to 6/46.
    Hospitals WW2 - Scarlet Finders

    Copies of menu. Would be no problem, they had the time and the typists to type them up add a few sheets of carbon paper and you would soon have as many as you wanted. :)
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    I think that may be it! I do remember him talking about "Bari" in Italy, Sicily and Tunisia. And he was in France, but I do not know the details. Yes, the menu looked like a carbon copy. It had the names of the unit's various locations written around the border in longhand, and many of those names are vaguely familiar. I do remember Chateaudun, too.

    Thanks very much!
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