Looking for info about 4340965 Private William BLACKMORE, 2nd Bn DLI

Discussion in 'Durham Light Infantry' started by AimLea, Aug 25, 2020.

  1. AimLea

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    Hoping to find out some information on my dads grandfather William Blackmore, we know he is buried at Kohima War Cemetery and died 6th May 1944.
    There is no more information about him anywhere else that we can find so far, if anybody has anything that would be great to know.
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    Hello and welcome to the forum.
    The best place to start is to apply for his service records from the MOD. A bit of a wait at the moment due to the covid situation, but well worth it.

    Get a copy of military service records

    Other members who are familiar with the Far East may be able to help about your ancestor.

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  3. AimLea

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    That's great I shall take a look at that, really interested in finding out more about him. Yesterday we found a picture of him at 'Eden Camp' but there was unfortunately no information accompanying it.
  4. Tony56

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    There are very few personal reports in the public domain so you must take Lesley's advice and get his official service records, they are only available from the MOD. As he was KIA you do not need a death certificate, just print off details from the CWGC site.

    Presumably this is him?
    Casualty Details | CWGC

    Service Number: 4340965
    Regiment & Unit/Ship Durham Light Infantry 2nd Bn.
    Died 06 May 1944
    Age 35 years old
    Buried or commemorated at KOHIMA WAR CEMETERY
    6. B. 16.
    Country of Service United Kingdom
    Additional Info Husband of Josephine Blackmore, of Middlesbrough, Yorkshire.

    The Graves Concentration Report states his original place of burial was GPT Ridge, Norfolk Hill, Kohima
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  5. ozzy16

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    deleted, info already supplied Tony.

  6. davidbfpo

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    There are a number of Oral History interviews of DLI soldiers in the Imperial War Museum collection. Perhaps they will include the battle @ Kohima? From memory the DLI Museum has undertaken interviews too.
  7. ozzy16

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    Hello and welcome to the forum.
    Whilst patiently waiting for his service records a good source of information on the 2nd Bn DLI which is well covered in the book below.
    The battle of Kohima and Aradura Spur is well represented. The rear cover of the book shows a photo of the some of the men from 2nd Bn DLI during the fighting for the Aradura Spur. (no names mentioned)

    Goodluck with your research.

    burma200.jpg burma602.jpg
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  8. Mr Jinks

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    Enlisted into East Yorkshire Regiment . On the day he was reported killed 6th May 1944 the 2nd DLI were not in action ? They were withdrawing from Kohima . At 1400hrs they were enroute to Dimapur and William Blackmore is one of only2 casualtyies listed (Bailey the other casualty was not at Kohima) .
    `A` Company 2DLI were relieved from Garrison Hill on the 5th May by 4/7 Rajputs. `D` company remaining on the perimiter and they too were relieved next morning by the same unit (4/7 Rajputs) `B` and `C` Company were on FSD Ridge and were relieved on the 6th May by the Royal Berkshire Regiment . The 2nd DLI did not return to Kohima until 14/15th May 1944 ?
    Tony placed his original grave at `GPT Ridge, Norfolk Hill, Kohima` could he have been detached from the Durham`s or employed as a `runner`? Speculation of course .



    No mentions in the war diary nor the two official DLI Histories For Your Tomorrow (Herry Moses) and Forgotten no more (Stephen Shannon)
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  9. AimLea

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    Thankyou, yes this is him and the only information we also hold. I will be sure to request the records. Thank you for your reply!
  10. AimLea

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    I am going to purchase this book as a Christmas gift for my father thank you for this
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  11. PaulE

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    Try For your Tomorrow the history of 2 DLI by Harry Moses as well .

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