Looking for Info about my Grandfather Gilbert Trethewey

Discussion in 'REME/RAOC' started by R_Trethewey, Mar 31, 2014.

  1. R_Trethewey

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    I am looking for information about my Grandfather, Gilbert George Trethewey.

    I have a few documents which I've uploaded along with some photos.
    I know he was at 3 Base Workshop in Haifi, Palestine, when he was discharged in 1946.
    But not too sure where he was earlier.

    I've applied for his MSR to be released, which will hopefully show some info.

    He was a Blacksmith, and joined the RAOC before REME.
    From a handwritten resume it looks like he took a boat to S. Africa and from there joined the M.E.F.

    His release documents show he did further blacksmith training whilst serving, and I have a handmade brass lighter in the shape of a spitfire, which I presume may have been a test piece from this period.

    Where is the best place to start looking for more info, I assume the diaries in Kew from 3 Base Workshop? When I get the chance to next go to London I am aiming to take a look at these.

    If any one has any tips or advice it is most welcomed.

    I hope the photos are of some interest.

    View attachment Gilbert GeorgeTrethewey1.pdf

    Many Thanks

  2. bofors

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    HI Robert

    Looks like you are doing all the right things.
    Service records will give you most of the answers, and battalion dairies at Kew will give a broader outlook.\
    Yimyin would be the boat he came back home on I would think.
    Notie originally he was with the Royal Artillery, as his service number 1707706 indicates - from the block allocation list - Royal Artillery (Field, Coastal & Anti-Aircraft) 721001 - 1842000 and 11000001 - 11500000

    Nice pictures and other details on him.


  3. R_Trethewey

    R_Trethewey Member

    Thanks, that makes sense about yimyin, but I would never have got there on my own.

    I've also ordered the craftsmen of the British army book. I'm keen to learn more about the day day things they would have been working on in 3 base workshop.
  4. R_Trethewey

    R_Trethewey Member

    Can anyone shed any light on what "BA.DEIN EX SERVICEMAN" might mean. I could be misreading this.
    Could "ba.dein" be a place?
  5. borneo72

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    Ba Dein, is included in the title of an Arabic music album, so could have something connected to a place in the middle east ? Could be totally wrong of course !
  6. R_Trethewey

    R_Trethewey Member

    yes it does similar to some of the place names around that area, often the anglicized versions of place names are different anyway.
  7. hutchie

    hutchie Dont tell him Pike!!

    Interesting i hope i can shed some light

    Before the establishment of the reme in 1942 the regiments handled their own repairs until october 1942 when mechanical work was transfered to the Reme, i believe the raoc link is to do with chilwell where the mechanics were billeted before mobilising at arnold in nottingham, i have seen 3 base mentioned Before but not sure where ill need to look

    Any questions just ask :)
  8. hutchie

    hutchie Dont tell him Pike!!

    Also the royal artillery is his original workshop regiment and it directs me to thinking he signed up before 1940
  9. R_Trethewey

    R_Trethewey Member

    Thanks for the info, my Dad seems to remember something about my grandfather talking about doing some training on the isles of Scilly at some point, although I'm not sure when that would have been.

    What I find curious is that he went to S. Africa, for a short time before being posted to MEF, is this a usual occurrence, its a long way from Palestine. Hopefully when the service records turn up. It'll become clearer,although I know its likely to be a long wait.
  10. bofors

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    Possibly could be due to that period of the war, ships were sent from England around the Cape of Good Hope and then up to the Suez Canal. It was too dangerous to go through the Med due to Italy being in the way! Once the air and sea superiority was established, then they came that way. So that could explain why he was in South Africa for a time.



    PS I know my father went that way when he was sent to North Africa in 1942.
  11. hutchie

    hutchie Dont tell him Pike!!

    Could possibly be madigascar
  12. RosyRedd

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    Hi Robert. Welcome to the forum and thank you for posting the photos.

    There is some info about 3 BW in Craftsmen of the Army, which I think you should find interesting when your copy of the book arrives. In my copy of The History of The Royal Army Ordnance Corps there is this info about 3 BOW (page 179) which also may be of help/interest.

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  13. hutchie

    hutchie Dont tell him Pike!!

    Can you point me in the direction of that book as well is that the history of th royal army ordance corps 1920-1945?
  14. RemeDesertRat

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  15. hutchie

    hutchie Dont tell him Pike!!

    Yea will wait till payday lol
  16. R_Trethewey

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    Hello all,

    Got my Grandfather's MSR through last week. Rapid service!

    Gives some more details I didn't know.

    Looks like he spent a month in hospital, though not sure why

    Does anyone know what 534 Workshop Company was and where it was based? Seems he was posted there after being in Base workshop 3.

    Have uploaded in case people are interested.



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  17. RosyRedd

    RosyRedd Senior Member

    Hello Robert - I read that as he was posted to 534 Workshop Coy from 3 Workshop Coy not 3 Base Workshop.

    The date doesn't match the records you have for 534 Workshop Coy, but I found this reference WO 169/6158 at Kew for 534 Workshop Coy - Sept - Nov 1942 Middle East.
  18. hutchie

    hutchie Dont tell him Pike!!

    he did some jumping about, i spot 4 different workshops
  19. R_Trethewey

    R_Trethewey Member

    Yes I misread where about a was 534 workshop? I can't seem to find reference to it.

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