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Discussion in 'Prisoners of War' started by Trish21, May 1, 2015.

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    My mother is 86 this year, and would dearly know what happened to her brother, Glynn Roberts. After the war my uncle suffered with severe alcholism, once he told us he was POW in italy. Another story was that he was a POW in Chiangi, neither we have been able to validate. Another family legend was that he was a member of 501 Sqaudron, however there is a list on this site which I have looked at neither my uncle or my mother's cousin Billy Evans appear on this. I would love to find out the truth. Regards Trish
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    The best way would be to apply for a copy of his service records but the problem is do you apply to the Army or Air Force. Do you have any pics of them in uniform?
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    Welcome to the forum Trish21
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    Hi Trish

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    Can you provide further details - date of birth, place of birth, middle name, parents names, is he still alive, etc - these small details can help us


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