Lord Gort at Dunkirk

Discussion in '1940' started by L J, Aug 18, 2009.

  1. L J

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    I have read a story about lord Gort shooting with a gun at German aircraft while his man next him was reloading the guns . Something true or an invention ?
  2. jonwilly

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    If you read Leadership in War 1939-1945, by Brig Sir John Smythe VC, you will find he had a high opinion of Lord Gort, who he claims saved the BEF by disregarding his orders.
  3. Steen Ammentorp

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    Well - there may be some truth in the story. J.R. Colville writes in his: 'Man of Valour : Field Marshal Lord Gort VC' (1972) on page 224:

    Meanwhile, from his royal villa he conferred with Abrial and Blanchard, directed the evacuation, supervised the deliberate shrinking of the perimeter as unit leap-frogged unit, ind inspired his staff by his cool disregard of bombs and machine-gunning air raids, even though from time to time he found it irresistible to seize a rifle and have a shot at low-flying raiders. There was no doubt of his polularity with the men. He walked an to the beaches, among the crowds of soldiers patiently awaiting thir turn to embark; a regimental sergeant-major recognised him and was loudly supported when he called for three cheers for Lord Gort.

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