lost Commonwealth soldiers in Soviet Union during WW2

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    Hi all!

    we are as a group9May searching for
    -1- The Red Army soldiers/mariners /POW left behind in Western Europe (Great Britain) during the WW2
    -2- Relatives of Commonwealth soldiers/mariners buried in Russia
    We have quite a big database Batabase graves of Soviet citizens in the UK Áàçà äàííûõ Ìîãèëû Ñîâåòñêèõ ãðàæäàí â Âåëèêîáðèòàíèè of Commonwealth Army/Navy soldiers/navy ( rarely RAF), but, unfortunately, we don’t have any information apart their names, DOB and sometimes nationality.
    For example, we have information about William Ware ( can be Weir or any other similar pronunciation)
    WARE WILLIAM - Lost British Soldier - a set on Flickr
    Please, look through the album, who knows, maybe you could help!
    If you are interested in any information, you think, I can help, I’ll be delighted to try my best
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    I had a look at your site - where are the photos of the graves in the UK taken? I have seen some Russian graves at Bayeux in France.

    Regarding the missing William Ware, do you have any other information about him?
  3. Russian

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    Thanks for reply, Mathsmal.
    Photos of the graves in the UK are taken in London , German military cemetery CannockChase and
    in the Channel Islands
    yes, there is some information Re William Ware.
    We know that he is not from the Royal Navy. Also, it was a letter from CWGS

    Good afternoon Mr ...

    I am writing to our email correspondence regarding William Weare/Ware.

    I have been checking some outside sources and one of them confirms that they have none for Weare W. In order to pursue this research any further we will require military service details, for example, regiment, service number, recorded date of death,

    If you have any further information do not hesitate to contact me.

    Kind regards

    Maria Choules
    Records Section

    and some infromation from the Forces reunited - unfortunately, can't figure out who is our William Ware ( or any other spelling of Ware)

    First Name(s) WILLIAM
    Initials W H
    Surname WARE
    Service Number 3907347
    Theatre of War Italy
    Rank Private
    Regiment The Dorsetshire Regt
    Place of Birth Glamorgan, WALES
    Date of Death 08/09/1943
    The Dorset Regiment was an infantry regiment of the British Army. Until 1951 it was formally called The Dorsetshire Regiment, although usually known as "the Dorsets".It was formed in 1881 by the amalgamation of the 39th Regiment of Foot - the 39th (Dorsetshire) Regiment and the 54th Regiment of Foot - the 54th (West Norfolk) Regiment.2nd Battalion The Dorsetshire Regiment fought at the Battle of Kohima in 1944.In 1958 the regiment amalgamated with The Devonshire Regiment to form the Devonshire and Dorset Regiment.

    First Name(s) WILLIAM
    Initials W T
    Surname WARE
    Service Number 3959102
    Theatre of War Middle East
    Rank Corporal
    Regiment The Welch Regt
    Place of Birth Glamorgan, WALES
    Date of Death 27/05/1941
    The Welch Regiment (or "The Welch") was a British Army regiment from 1881 to 1969.
    It was formed as part of the wholesale Cardwell reforms of the Army in 1881 from the 41st (Welsh) Regiment of Foot, recruited generally from south west Wales, and remained so until it was amalgamated with the South Wales Borderers (24th Foot) into the Royal Regiment of Wales in 1969.

    It should not be confused with the Royal Welch Fusiliers (23rd Foot), recruited generally from Mid Wales and North Wales.

    The Welch Regiment can trace its origins from its constituent regiments back to the Regiment of Invalids formed from - among others - Pensioners of the Royal Hospital Chelsea (hence the name) in 1688.

    Originally organised as the county regiment of Carmarthenshire, Glamorganshire and Pembrokeshire, the new regiment encompassed its Militia and Volunteer infantry and united two regular battalions:

    * 1st Battalion, redesignation of 41st (The Welsh) Regiment of Foot
    * 2nd Battalion, redesignation of 69th (South Lincolnshire) Regiment of Foot (1881-1948)

    Militia and Special Reserve:

    * 3rd Battalion, redesignation of Royal Glamorgan Light Infantry (1881-1953)

    There were a further 50 battalions raised at various points in time for Territorial, Volunteer and War service. [1] On St David’s Day 2006 the Royal Welch Fusiliers and Royal Regiment of Wales amalgamated, with 1 RRW becoming 2nd Battalion, The Royal Welsh (The Royal Regiment of Wales).

    Initials W T P
    Surname Weare
    Rank Sergeant
    Incident Date 26-27-04-44
    Incident Details Unknown
    Fate Evader
    Aircraft Halifax
    Stationed At Melbourne
    Location Duty Essen
    Buried/Commemorated at Unknown

    If you know anything or can give an advice how to trace his relatives - I'd be grateful
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    There are also Soviet graves in Chesters Cemetary in the military section too.
  5. Pieter F

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    I have seen some Russian graves at Bayeux in France.
    That's right. These are the graves of P. Poddubuy and W. Burkotehko. I must have a picture of these graves somewhere. I will have a look for it this evening.
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    Hi Russian
    I cant for now remember the name of the website but there is a group who are trying to get photos of all none CWGC war graves for peoples reference. I have the name of the contact somewhere must dig it. I remember doing a photo of a russian sailor in a small cambridgeshire graveyard for them...
    found it try this War Grave and Memorial Photographs supplied by The War Graves Photographic Project
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    Im thinking if he is buried in the old Soviet union, then it is likely that as far as the CWGC is concerned he has no known grave, so would he not be recorded on a memorial.

    Depending on when he was taken prisoner, he would either be on


    This assumes that he was a soldier and not an airman.
  8. Mathsmal

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    I there is a possibility it is this man?

    William Smellie WEIR
    Dunkirk Memorial
    Private, 4th Bn Queen's Own Cameron Highlanders
    Died 23/12/1945
    CWGC :: Casualty Details

    His age is not correct though, but this could be an error?

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