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    My father died in 1970. I wrote to find aout about his service and was told that all of his records had been lost in a fire. I have found some information about his service and would like to know more about his service. He served in the 312 3rd Signal Service Company in WWII. How can I find information regarding the history of that outfit and where it served in the war? Thanks
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    Hello and welcome to the forum.

    It sounds like USA and as such check out this website which I found.

    Sory that I have no knowledge of US Army records, but several of our US members will help I am sure.

    Whilst it does not go as far as 1944, you may find other links to pursue.

    Records of United States Regular Army Mobile Units, 1821-1942

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    Tom, Thank you for the welcome. The site you gave me is one that I used when I found out about the fire that destroyed so many records. I do appreciate your help. After I wrote for info I found some old papers of my Dad's that gave me the unit in which he served and also two pages of typed names of all members of his 312 3D Signal Service Company as of 21 November 1945. This gave me the name of his unit but not much else. Thanks Randy

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