Lt Ralph Winder and AB Albert Quine, HMT Visenda

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    22nd June 1941

    WINDER, Ralph S, Lieutenant, RNR, killed (C/O) [PoM]
    QUINE, Albert H, Able Seaman, RNPS, LT/JX 174512, DOW 23/6/41 [LYNESS ROYAL NAVAL CEMETERY]

    The two casualties are listed by CWGC. I've no details of the circumstances, but wonder if they were suffered after HMT Visenda was attacked by German aircraft.

    Any ideas?


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    Thanks Gents,

    Just thought to have a look in 'Royal Navy Trawlers, Part two' and see that HMT Visenda is noted as being damaged after a clash with U564 in the Faroes-Shetland gap. "She received several hits one of which struck the bridge and killed the C/O, Lt Winder. When she returned fire with her 4-inch the S/M submerged and escaped..."

    Curiously this clash isn't mentioned in the U564 entry in 'U-Boat operations of the second world war', but clearly this was the event that resulted in the deaths of Lt Winder and AB Qunie.


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    From the War Cabinet Weekly Resumes.

    On the 23rd [March 1941] a promising attack on a U-boat was made by H.M. Armed Boarding Vessel Visenda about 270 miles westward of the Faroes. Two other attacks were made during the week by surface vessels in the North-Western Approaches without visible result. CAB 66/15/46

    Further details have been received of the results of the attack made by H.M. Armed Boarding Vessel Visenda on the 23rd March (reported in Resume No. 82), from which it appears that the U-boat was destroyed. CAB 66/16/6

    It must have been for this service that the decorations were awarded: LG35223. The crew also received an award for the salvage of Motor Vessel "Erodona" during the period 23rd and 30th March 1941: LG36052.

    H.M. Trawler Visenda engaged a U-boat on the surface about 100 miles south-east of Iceland (C) on the 22nd [June 1941] and probably obtained at least one hit. Visenda was damaged and her Captain was killed. CAB 66/17/19
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