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    The subject of this thread is mentioned in a few sentences in member John Tulloch's recently published book which I bought from the author and received on Saturday.This is: "The Borneo Graveyard 1941-1945".

    It is an immense work with the reports of a great deal of investigation in the field. I particularly like the author's account of wandering into the jungle with a native who was adept at shooting poisoned darts ( and did shoot them at Japanese ).

    Definitely not Sherwood Forest, and not my idea of a foreign holiday, but the author is an expert at living in jungles.

    Quite unlike any Far East book I have ever seen, and deals with shocking subjects, even to someone who has read hundreds of war crimes affidavits and court transcripts.

    A modern classic, and worth every penny.

    See the flyer at the last post in this thread:

    Sandakan POW camp Borneo
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    Wow that is some researching. At least it may explain why he chose this name to revert to but not why.. And at the moment just before his unit was posted overseas. Funnily enough my Son-in-law came up with an article published in 1945 written by Baillie on work to help poor farmers in Syria to increase their corn productivity. Bit like hearts and minds with Foreign aid thrown in. I have been onto the Royal Logistics Corps Museum about the photo of him but at present they are busy with the massive job of transferring their organisation to their new home at Worthy Down So I shall have to wait to see if it can be copied.
    And to Robert who I did not recognise since he has changed his Icon.!
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    London Gazette
    Baass1.jpg Baass2.jpg
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    I wonder if he had a problem with his father and when the chance came he changed his name

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    I have no information on how he got on with his Father or even his fellow Officers but it is noted by some people that he was not well liked or respected..

    Like papiermache above I too have bought a copy of John Tulloch`s new book Borneo Graveyard 1941-1945.
    It is a major work on this forgotten theatre of WW2 but shows how desperate the Japanese were to dominate the Far East and steal its resources for their own survival. They would stop at nothing to achieve this .and in taking Borneo they showed their complete disregard for humanity and captured troops. If baulked their answer was to murder all those involved and the wounded were not exempt from this either.
    It was a hard fought campaign against generally poorly trained allied troops with exceptions amongst the Indian Regiments.
    Allied failings in out dated aircraft and facilities did not help and the Colonial attitude of British Invincibility finished us off.
    All this takes place in a strength sapping climate of rain and humidity and dense jungle terrain There can hardly have been a more desperate campaign for survival.

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    Further to the large amount of help from members such as Papiermache, Timuk,Tony56 and Trickydicky, (et al) I have now managed to get a digital print of a Photo taken at the Staff College in 1931. Possibly the only picture of this Officer around. All RA sources had no images of him but by chance this picture is held by the Royal Logistics Corps Archive in their new home at Worthy Down. So at last after ten years of researches I can now see this man for the first time about whose Regiments war story. I wrote ( 6th HAA. RA )
    Looking through the long list of Officers present of some 120 men ,some four fifths have moustaches. Sadly making several look very like Adolf Hitler !
    Another revelation is some of the names present. Future General Sitwell who relieved Baass/ Baillie of his command in 1942. He stands in the same row but 11 places further along.
    In the front row is Lt Colonel Percival who was sadly to be involved in the Singapore fiasco ten years later
    There are two VC holders also present amongst the ranks and many with bravery awards from WW1.
    One curious detail is the attitude of some Officers to be looking elsewhere than at the camera rather like early Victorian black and white pictures.
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    To all who are hoping the picture may be posted I have to say I am sorry, but when I purchased the digital image I had to agree it was for private use only. The original is held by the Royal Logistic Corps Museum in Worthy Down.
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