Major William Lamour Taylor, 6th airborne RAOC

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    I'm looking for information, pictures etc. about Major William Lamour Taylor - 6th airborne Division Royal Army Ordnance corps.

    Especially the years 1944/45.

    I know he took part in operation Tonga and varsity.
    Help would be much appreciated.

    Regards Manuel
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    I know the army number: 249678
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    Think his name should be William Larmour Taylor
    Record set Irish Births 1864-1958
    Category Birth, Marriage, Death & Parish Records
    Subcategory Civil Births
    Collections from Ireland
    First name(s) William Larmour
    Last name Taylor
    Registration year 1908
    Registered quarter/year Oct - Dec 1908
    Registration district Larne
    Volume 1
    Page 542
    Mother's last name (original) -
    County Antrim
    Country Ireland

    Page 5451 | Supplement 37340, 6 November 1945 | London Gazette | The Gazette

    Page 5095 | Supplement 35794, 20 November 1942 | London Gazette | The Gazette

    Taylor 1.jpg
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    Thank you for your help. I'm the owner of this battledress now and I try to find out more about him. Found a picture of his unit.
    Corporal Robert Parnell
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