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Discussion in 'New Zealand' started by Skip, Jul 26, 2014.

  1. Skip

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    I'm afraid I may be lighting the touch paper and standing back by posting this question but it's important so I would really appreciate people's advice:

    I would like to know what people think the New Zealander with the following service history is entitled to medals-wise? I have my own ideas but am interested to see if they match with those more knowledgeable.

    NZ: 15/12/41 - 11/01/44
    Middle East: 12/01/44 - 22/01/45
    Italy: 22/01/45 - 07/02/46
    NZ: 28/02/46 - 06/05/46 (demob)

    As always any hints gratefully received!


  2. Tullybrone

    Tullybrone Senior Member


    As a starter for 10....presuming he was in a unit in a location recognised as being in a theatre of war

    39/45 Star, Italy Star and War Medal and depending on his precise area of deployment the Defence Medal.

    Not entitled to Africa Star as cut off date is May 1943.

    Not personally aware if there are any NZ specific awards he may have additionally earned like Canada Volunteer medal etc.

    Steve Y
  3. Skip

    Skip Senior Member

    Thanks Steve - Yes there is a New Zealand War Service Medal which he was issued with. It's the others not I'm not sure of ...

    Would his Middle East service have counted having arrived after the cessation of hostilities there?

    Would his Italy service qualify him for the 39-45 Star as well as the Italy Star? It depends on whether the time counted is from arrival until the end of hostilities in Europe, or the 2 September 1945 date often stated ...
  4. CL1

    CL1 116th LAA and 92nd (Loyals) LAA,Royal Artillery Patron

  5. Tullybrone

    Tullybrone Senior Member


    Apologies...downside of using iPhone I misread 1944 arrival in ME.

    Cut off date for Africa Star is May 1943 so no
    entitlement - I've edited my first post accordingly.


    Steve Y
  6. Skip

    Skip Senior Member

    No problem at all Steve - good to get your response ...

    CL1 - cheers for the links. They lead me to the entitlement for the 39-45 Star as copied below. The question is do people read this, in my case as listed above, as qualifying or not? It all depends on how you interpret section i.(b) i.e. is Italy included until 2 September 1945 OR does this date only pertain to places such as the Far East where the war was still in progress? Was the cut for those locations in Europe being the end of hostilities there, i.e. May?

    He was issued the Italy Star, the Defence Medal, the War Medal 39-45, and the New Zealand War Service Medal but it is entitlement for the 39-45 Star that I'm not sure of, hence the post. The person involved is still alive and is greatly concerned over this so either way I'd like to give a definitive answer. The NZDF have said he doesn't qualify but their own guidelines as below could be interpreted otherwise ... very interested in what other people think so I can decide whether to go back to them ...

    THE 1939–1945 STAR
    14. General
    The 1939-45 Star is granted to recognise services rendered in operations during the War from the 3rd September, 1939, to the 2nd September, 1945, inclusive. The qualification is 180 days' operational service, except that a special award is granted for entry into operational service in certain specified areas and operations, or under the conditions laid down in para. 10.
    Qualifying Land Areas (180 days)
    1. The qualification for army personnel for service on land is 180 days as part of the establishment in an army operational command in:-
      France between 3rd September, 1939, and 9th May, 1940, inclusive; or,
    2. Any land operational area qualifying for the Africa, Pacific, Burma, Italy or France and Germany Star between the 3rd September, 1939, and 2nd September, 1945 (inclusive);
    3. Qualifying service between 9th May, 1945, and 2nd September, 1945 (inclusive) may be aggregated with qualifying service prior to these dates.
  7. Tullybrone

    Tullybrone Senior Member


    Comparing NZ regs to those quoted in DBF 1939/45 Star thread I can see a difference -

    DBF topic clearly says 180 day qualifying qualifying period in Europe ends on VE Day and in Far East 2nd September 1945.

    NZ regs as quoted do not have VE Day cut off date but quotes all Theatres qualify as long as 180 days qualifying period is fulfilled between 3rd Sept 1939 to Sept 2nd 1945.

    Is there small print elsewhere that NZ authorities are relying on?

    Steve Y
  8. Skip

    Skip Senior Member

    Hello Steve - yes, you've hit the nail on the head. This is the exact issue, i.e. whether the NZ regs are different OR whether they have been badly written but take the standard line with regards VE Day and European awards of the 39-45 Star ... my guess is that the regs were the same as the British qualifying periods as NZ only separated its medals relatively recently but this is a GUESS and is therefore worthless.

    Any takers ...?
  9. Staffsyeoman

    Staffsyeoman Member

    The Italy Star could be earned without qualification for the 1939-45 Star (as could the France and Germany Star) - I have the official guidance, albeit for British Forces - but not to hand. Lt Col Colin Mitchell - 'Mad Mitch' of Aden fame - had an Italy Star without a 39-45 in his group. Home Service in New Zealand clocked up the Defence Medal, it appears.
  10. Skip

    Skip Senior Member

    Cheers Staffsyeoman - his Italy Star and Defence Medal are confirmed as is the British War Medal and NZ War Service Medal (didn't post that straight away as wanted to see what people's thoughts were from scratch) ... its just this issue of what the exact NZ eligibility is ...

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