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  1. jb408

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    Hoping someone out there can help me!

    I am searching for any information about why my Grandad was Mentioned in Despatches. He is named in the London Gazette on 13th December 1949 for recognition of gallant and distinguished services in Malaya during the period 1st Jan 1949 - 30th June 1949. War substantive/Sergeant E Green (848030). He was based in Catterick, Yorkshire and was a Warrant Officer Class 2.
    This is the only information I have.

    Shortly after his death the family applied for his military records, paid the £30 fee and have heard nothing since.

    My family and I have searched as much of the internet as we can think of and cannot find any useful information. I have even searched for information on the other Royal Engineers that were published as being Mentioned in Despatches during the same period in Malaya....but cannot find any indication of why any were Mentioned in Despatches.

    Any help anyone is able to offer, any suggestions of places I could look or other avenues to get Military Records would be greatly appreciated!

  2. Owen

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    How long ago were the Service Records applied for?
    It takes about a year to get them back.
    Was the £30 cheque cashed?
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    Hello and welcome

    I've just checked the National Archives online database and his MiD is not listed. To be fair MiD's are very difficult to track down. I would chase the service records as they are your best bet at the moment.

  4. idler

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    The LG also states he was in the Royal Engineers, so it might be worth contacting their museum as it may have been mentioned in their journal.
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    Firstly, Family are exempt from the GBP 30 fee to the best of my knowledge.

    2ndly, if you have paid, you would normally have received a letter acknowedging the application and advising of a time line.
    You do have recouse through the ombudsman who do the overseeing on this type of thing, will try & get back to you by pm tonight with the addy to write to (they basically put the wind up them ) & you normally get your file within 3 weeks after that.

    Hope this helps.


  6. Gary S

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    I can confirm from very recent experience (i.e from a letter from Wellington Barracks received yesterday) that family do have to pay the £30 for army records
    I was unaware of the fee and sent a letter to the Grenadier Guards asking for my Grandads records and they sent it back stating I must pay the fee before they will carry out the search
    I am not actually complaining that I have to pay but just wanted to let everyone know the current situation
  7. Callisto

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    Only veterans, or spouse of a deceased veteran, do not have to pay fee.

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