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    Modelling US Armour of WW2... - Books

    Title: Modelling US Armor of WW2 Author: Steven J Zaloga
    Publisher: Osprey Publishing
    ISBN: 978 1 84603 398 8

    Now released in their 'Osprey Masterclass' series for modellers, this is a hard cover, spiral bound book aimed directly at armour modellers. Regular readers of Military Modelling will be well aware of the modelling talents of Steve Zaloga, and in fact there is a long list of these articles included at the back of the book to refer to.

    Rather than the stories of individual model builds, this book is split into sections of Construction Tips and Tricks, Painting Techniques, Battle Bits: Stowage & Tools, The Human Factor, Setting the Scene, Photography and Further Reading. A nice touch I found was the use of colour coding on the outer edge of the pages so it is easier to flick through to find the section you want to refer to, a useful technique on a reference, rather than on a book you need to read in sequence.

    Many of the models used to illustrate the various pointers will be familiar to many regular Mil Mod readers, but there is lots to grab your interest and plenty of ideas you might want to try out. It is well illustrated throughout, with the various elements at each stage being described. The other thing that might take some a little by suprise, but there are a good few 1/72 models in here which Steve has done, along with 1/48, all in addition to the 1/35 dioramas which he is well known for. Plastic models, resin, tanks and figures, groundwork and more, all are covered, and quite simply, Steve produces some superb results with all of them.
    Not only the modelling of course, as Steve makes some very effective photos of his built models, and one of the sections takes you through how you might do this yourself. The use of digital photography and editing software these days allows for some quite eye catching results.

    Steve is a very fine modeller, who is also able to explain himself very well, and make for a most readable book. With the popularity of his work, this one I am sure will prove popular, and Osprey have presented a very nice title aimed to well for armour modellers.
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    And the guy is paid for it! :D
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    And the guy is paid for it! :D

    It must be great to be actually paid for a labour of love:D

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    He's very good alright. Be worth a browse I'm sure!

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