Monty addresses Guards Armoured Division at Driffield.

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  1. snailer

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    Spotted this in Driffield ORB for February 1944. Twelve thousand seems a lot, surely an extra nought has crept in.
    Whoever compiled it can't spell hangar either!
    P1910363 (2).jpg

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  2. dbf

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    That reminded me of something - my Dad told me he'd heard speeches by both Monty and Eisenhower pre Normandy. He said there was absolutely no standing on ceremony with Eisenhower and that he remained unimpressed by Monty.
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    good day snailer yesterday, addresses guards armoured division at driffield.there is no record of numbers of troops he was addressing.there nothing terrible at not spelling hangar,if you know what the word is your 90%there,i think monty was a great general.and I was not in the army.regards bernard85
  4. Tom Canning

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    12,000 men did not make a full British Armoured division...

  5. Swiper

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    Monty saw several thousand a time, not entire Division's worth anyway... what was the specific date in Feb of the speech, as it could be during the period he gave many speeches to (7?) Divs in a short period of time.
  6. snailer

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    My comment was just me thinking that 12,000 men of any description in a hangar plus equipment would be a bit of a squeeze not to mention the logistical nightmare getting them there and back from wherever they came, 1200 seemed like a more reasonable figure that is all.

    It was the 9th of February Swiper.

  7. dbf

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    From Hugh Dormer's Diaries:,%20HUGH%20EVERARD%20JOSEPH
    Captain HUGH EVERARD JOSEPH DORMER, D.S.O., 104106, 2nd Bn., Irish Guards who died age 25 on 01 August 1944
    Son of Capt. Kenelm Dormer, and of Josephine Dormer, of Sydney, New South Wales, Australia.
    Remembered with honour ST. CHARLES DE PERCY WAR CEMETERY
    Grave/Memorial Ref: I.C.9.
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    Excellent, thanks for finding that.
  9. Owen

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    Aerial view of hangers at Driffield.
    Sure you could get a few thousand men in one.
    ROYAL AIR FORCE BOMBER COMMAND, 1939-1941.. © IWM (HU 91931)IWM Non Commercial Licence

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  10. snailer

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    They're still there, No 1 Hangar is the bottom one I believe.

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  11. Owen

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    Nor me in my post, then again it was the rest of my family that were RAF not me.

    100 lines .
    It's s hangar not a hanger
  12. m kenny

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    This is a George Formby appearance that I make (roughly) 1200 men

    IWM B8261

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