My dads war storys. Chapter One.

Discussion in 'Veteran Accounts' started by gpjeuken, Dec 30, 2010.

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    Gerard, that is a fantastic piece of research and story. Thank you very much for posting this update. It seems you have identified both men. May they R.I.P.
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    Deleted by G. Jeuken.
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    Deacs Well i am from Cumbria.

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    For the story of Robinson and Appleton,

    A lost soldier tale from Holland.
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    Deacs Well i am from Cumbria.

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    You are to be congratulated on your hard work and tenacity :salut:

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    I have ,, My dads warstories '' Corrected.

    Regards, Gerard
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    Hello, all,
    I am back , after long time.
    I want to bring my dads warstories again under your attention.
    Regards, From Holland.
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    Hello GP - welcome back again.

    Have you seen the new book of Jack Didden, "Kampfgruppe Walther and PanzerBrigade 107", which is all about the Peel area?
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    Thank yoy, Stolpi, I have sent you PM.
    Also thanks to 4jonboy, Drew5233, and dbf for liking me, I like you too .

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    Gerard - In 2016 there also appeared a Dutch book on the Liberation of Northern-Limburg, also covering the Peel area, the battle for Overloon/Venraij but also the German counterattack in the Asten-Meijel area in the last week of Oct 1944: "Waar blijven de bevrijders!, Sept - Okt 1944, frontperiode noord- en midden Limburg", written by Hugo Levels and Eric Munnicks.

    There are still copies for sale over here:

    The above title is the first of a trilogy, planned by the authors. They are currently working on the second volume, which covers the period of Nov - Dec 44, and will come out next year. I can get you in contact with one of the authors, he lives close to your area. I think he might be interested in your stories.
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    Thank you for attention for me.
    Hello, Stolpi, I have the book ,,waar blijven de bevrijders,, much info.
    Please can you bring me in contact with Hugo Levels, ?From Neer , close Maas River.
    Mail adress ??

    I have german battle reports 15th and 9th pz. Div. Pdf summer 44 till 23 02 45
    If you are interesting, tell me. And your mail.
    Regards, Gerard.
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    Have send you an email :cool:
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    006 Robert Higson is my grandads brother , do you have any information what happened , I’m doing our family tree , and we have very little information , we would really apriciate any help


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