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  1. Sonof

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    Hi All
    I have obtained my father's service records which show he was in North Africa 18/6/1943 - 4/5/1944
    the handwriting is awful and a lot I am unable to read (perhaps because I don't understand the jargon)
    things like ME. attached155 ??????? camp? posted and joined this unit from XL (IV) Sos MEF to BNAF
    I know what MEF & BNAF mean.
    I know (by his Medals) he must of some time gone to Italy because he has the Italy Star, But what's strange is he has Two of these and there is a mention of this in his service records.
    other comments like Python, EMB & TOS ME, DISEMB ME, TOS MEF from CMF,

    Can anyone shed any light on this
    The emblem in the picture shows what I believe to be Dick Whittington's black cat on his Lapel.

    Thank you in advance
  2. Tony56

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  3. Robert-w

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    A minor cause for caution - whilst an Italy Star would probably indicate service in Italy there were a number of men who were entitled to it who were never in Italy as the qualifications were Aegean, Dodecanese, Corsica, Greece, Sardinia, Yugoslavia and Elba between 11th June 1943 and 8th May 1945.
  4. Owen

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    Python, see this thread
    Chapter 7: Leave in Advance of Python
    (there are many others mentioning it too)
    EMB & TOS ME, = Embarked &Taken On Strength
    DISEMB ME, = Disembarked .
    TOS MEF from CMF
    CMF = Central Mediterranean Forces
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  5. Charley Fortnum

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    As Tony56 says, if you can upload upload full-sized pictures, we'll likely be able to decipher them in full for you.
  6. Sonof

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    Hi All
    As suggested here are the attached service records of my father.

    The reason I am looking deeper into my father's records is that I am in the process of finding a "Medal Renovator" (any recommendations?) as I would like to mount and display them.
    However, I am unsure if these are all his medals (please see picture) or even if they are correct, for example, he has two Italia campaign medals? (there is a note in the records about this) or if he had others which have become lost over the years ie the North Africa Star as I know he spent time there, and perhaps he's entitled to any others too.
    I would also like to add in the display a plaque listing the units by date he was assigned to, along with a Cat lapel and Cap badge can anyone suggest how or where I may obtain these too.
    All info and suggestions are greatly appreciated.

    I stumbled across this site & boy I'm so glad I did the wealth of knowledge I have read so far is wow. 1.jpg 2.jpg 3.jpg 4.jpg 5.jpg 6.jpg 7.jpg 8.jpg 9.jpg
    Thank you all in anticipation.

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  7. gmyles

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    Seems he was in 113 Fld Regt in 1944 which was in Italy as part of 56 Inf Div.

    Moving to 30 Fld Regt in September 1945 which was in Greece with 4 Inf Div.

    Hope this helps

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    He joined 113 Fd Regt RA on 13 Aug 43 and left on 24 Sep 45. 113 Fd Regt RA were one of three Fd Regts who supported 56 Inf Div - they went where ever 56 Inf Div went.

    That would place him at the Salerno Landings in Sep 43, the crossing of the Volturno in Oct 43, the Battles of Camino in Nov-Dec 43, the crossing of the Garigliano in Jan 44, the Anzio beachhead in Feb-Mar 44, the Gothic Line at Gemmano in Sep 44, and in the Argenta Gap for the Final Offensive in Apr 45.

    He would be entitled to the Africa Star because he spent Mar-Jul 44 in Egypt

    He had quite a war.


  9. Sonof

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    Thank you all for the help
    Now I know a lot more about my father (who never spoke about his time)
    and this has made me to definitely to display my father's medals,
    I have Googled the 113 field regiment Royal army cap badge etc, but can't seem to find anywhere to purchase.
    Please can anyone suggest where I could purchase items like the uniform lapel that shows the cat (which I believe is known as Dick Whittington) and the cap badge if anyone could suggest anything else?
    I'm also interested if any could shed any light on why he's got two Italy stars?? (this also has a mention in his record

    JITTER PARTY Well-Known Member

    I don't think that he was entitled to an Africa Star, the end qualifying date for that was 05/43, I believe.
    You can't earn two of the same campaign star, and I didn't see any mention of that in the records.
    You should be able to pick up a RA cap badge on ebay, don't know about the cat.
    Quite odd to see an Italian dual national being sent to fight in Italy, though. Can anyone decipher the 'Approved...' endorsement at the top of the Service and Casualty Form?
  11. Sonof

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    Sorry got another question.
    in the attached cropped and a picture of my icon picture I have zoomed in on my fathers lapel tags I know what the cat is its the 2 smaller tags bellow the cat that i am wondering what they are or were for.
    also, it would seem he was promoted from a Gunner to Lance Bombardier in the RA please could someone tell me how many strips that is
    i have attempted to google but I'm getting conflicting results
    Thank you

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  12. Tony56

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  13. Sonof

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    Thank you Tony for the above links.
    The cat I already found -56 division
    The 2 stripy bits underneath I think they are known as service strips I assume my fathers were the dark blue & red ones (two the same one below the other) as in the picture I've attached I hope are the correct ones?
    I'm still looking for confirmation on the strip/s of a lance Bombardier I'm assuming its 2 as a corporal has 1 & a Sargent has three.

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  14. Owen

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    Lance Bombardier 1 chevron
    Bombardier 2
    Sergeant 3

    British Army ranks | National Army Museum
  15. Stuart Avery

    Stuart Avery In my wagon & not a muleteer.

    On my phone at the moment & its being a real pain in the a... to view the Service Records

    Looks to me has if your Old-man has been a driver. DVR IC. Able to drive any vehicle with a engine that is. Has up-to what size of vehicle I'm not sure? Edit.. I would imagine trucks has he has been in the RA.

    Also, clock his trade has of when he enlisted.
    Have you posted ( all of his ) SRs? This may seem like a silly question? Should be a page that informs you of the medals that he his entitled. Just for the record, i too think that he's not entitled to the Africa Star. I will have a butchers when i get home! Two Italy Stars? I do find that strange & would like to see it mentioned in his records?

  16. Sonof

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    Yes Jitter I've seen that and it made me wonder if it was to do with the Alien Reg type on page 1- as all I can make out is Approved but may not be posted ? ? ? ? unless prior ? ? is obtained
    then a lot of numbers.
    from what i can make out he was never a naughty boy and when he "left" he got a glowing testimonial
    But yes it would be great to know for sure its meaning
  17. Tony56

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    My suggestion
    "Approved but may not be posted to a barred Corps unless W/O [War Office] sanction is obtained."
  18. Sonof

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    what is the meaning of "barred" corps in this case by that does that mean certain groups he could not join say like intelligence?
  19. Stuart Avery

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    here is the file that we was talking about today! I still maintain that you have not been sent all of the pages of his Service Records.You need to be looking to the right. If its correct has i asked in my post 15 & that is all of the pages you have received, then you have been short-changed. It may be wise to get on the phone & ask them nicely if they have copied all of the pages?

    Until you get this page, then you will not know for definite has to what medals your Father, was entitled to.

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  20. Stuart Avery

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    see this file. It gives a answer to your post 13! Owen, has confirmed your question in his post 14. Two strips equals a Bombardier.



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