My Grandads photos from the Second World War

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    Attached are all of my grandad’s (Byron Jenkins - 6468043) photos from the Second World War.

    He took the photos then posted them back to someone he called “an old flame”. Whilst he did not speak to the “old flame” again she later found his address and in 1994 sent the photos to him for his safe keeping.

    I’m in the process of applying for his service records so I cannot tell you his exact movements. However, his service book states he was in the following places:

    England 5/3/40 – 31/1/41
    Egypt 1/2/41 – September 41
    Burma September 41-May 42
    China May 42 – August 42
    India September 42 – November 44

    His service book also indicates he transferred from Special Service to RME in March 1943 and that he trained in Scotland for Commandos and Burma Bush Warfare School.

    I’ve got a couple of poems he had written as well and also a document written entirely in Chinese that contains his name and photo but I have no idea what this is.

    hope this is of some interest

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    Some great photos there Carl. Thank you for posting them.

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