My watch project with Junkers JU88 A-4

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  1. Billiam

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    Good evening everybody!

    I could write all day but I’ll try to keep this short.

    In may 2021 me and my friend went to search a plane which was rumoured to be in a northern part of Lapland, Finland. It was crash landed after getting a hit during a fight in air. We were quite lucky and found the plane with a help of maps and some norwegian friends. Trip to the plane was already an adventure what I will not forget anytime soon.

    Most of the plane was already gone and under ground, but some bigger parts, bullets, porsline, glass, rotors, engine parts etc. was still there. You could see which way the plane was laying there. I found small pieces of this aluminium which was used in the plane chassis. To me it looked interesting because some parts were grey and some mildly green.

    Plane is Junkers JU88 A-4.

    Winter 2021/22 I got this idea of my own watch model which would combinate history and watch enthusiasim. As you can already guess I used the aluminium from the plane to make special dials for my watch.

    Project has been unbeliavable pain in the backside and really soon I figured out this kind of handcraft makers are really rare. I contacted over hundred different kind of metal experts and nothing. Suddenly I got a hint that there was one small jewelryshop which makes it own jewelry. I contacted the owner and we rolled our sleeves and got to work.

    Took me over a year but here is my first watch. It is designed in Finland, dial is
    100% handmade in Finland and it is build in Finland. It is automatic and uses Seiko machine.

    Project name is Memento A-4.

    My original idea was to give people something what I describe “History in your wrist”. I think this could be perfect for an adventurers, history enthusiastics,pilots, entrepreneurs, pilots and many others. Great gift for someone special.

    This watch is a raw prototype #001 and I am makin few more propably with a bit different kind of look. If you are interest, do not hesitate to contact me. Also if you want to know more about the plane that is fine too.

    All the best,

    memento2.jpg memento3.jpg mementoback.jpg
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  2. Wg Cdr Luddite

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    I'm sure it will sell to the Wehraboos.
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  3. EmpireUmpire

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    Hi Willy,

    Congratulations on realising your goal, designing and constructing a timepiece from the ground up is an achievement. I too made a limited run of custom watches in silver, 9ct and 18ct gold (so I know your pain). I used ETA movements, sapphire crystal as one would expect but mine, unlike yours had closed case backs.

    Can you tell us any more history of the JU88?

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  4. Billiam

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    Thank you Emps,

    Your watches sounds nice, you can send me a photo or link of those if you have

    About the plane; crashed during a fight in WW2. Emergency landed middle of nowhere and as far as I know can not be find in any history books these days.

    3-4 soldiers and atleast some of them were taken to Norway, or that is the information what we got.

    Rotors, engine and some of the bigger parts are still visible and surprisingly noone has took them.

  5. ltdan

    ltdan Nietenzähler

    This appears to have been a VS-11 wood propeller, so A-4 would be a possibility.
    I would be interested in the location. (And more pictures) That would be the third site up there, besides the ones in Vuoskkojohka and Kilpisjärvi.
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  6. Billiam

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    Screenshot_20221019-230248.jpg Screenshot_20221019-010402.jpg Here is landing gear (propably) from the plane. I also found some pieces of porcelain which was quite thick, approximately 3-4cm. Anyidea why that was there?
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  7. ltdan

    ltdan Nietenzähler

    Landing gear is definitely Ju-88. I have to pass on the ceramics.

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