New release GCHQ files UKUSA postwar

Discussion in 'Top Secret' started by geoff501, Jun 25, 2010.

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    Great stuff, and free to download, even better! :)
    Bang goes all the work I had to do today...
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    I slept in 3 different rooms at Bletchley, only one could be indentified as one of the old Bombe stores. I had my hair cut in Hut 5 and ate in Hut 11. I later worked in the American Hospital built for D Day outside of Gloucester, and never used and worked for 35 years with the department that arrived in this location and a 2nd location near Prestbury from the likes of Hertfordshire, Kent and Essex.
    My Avatar is from Aden '67 stationed with 12(F)3 R.A.F. Sigs Unit.
    ORIEL a welsh window on a surname

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