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    Hello everybody.
    I know there are many people on here doing serious research into squadrons and family, but I'm hoping I might find some friends and help here with regard to my research for an as-realistic-as-is feasible RAF Hurricane pilot series.
    I'm ex-RAF myself (Flight Systems and Electrician on Tornado and Phantom) with a lifelong interest in the RAFs role in WW2, especially the Battle of Britain. I grew up making models of many of the RAF fighters, bombers and seaplanes.
    I have a collection of historic reference books (Stephen Bungay, Williamson Murray, Richard Hillary, and Christer Bergstrom as well as Paul Brickhill, and Derek Robinson novels) so dates and events are straightforward for me to check, but I'm having trouble with some of the day-to-day facts (did fighter pilots really have Austin Seven mirrors fitted to their aircraft before the factories fitted them as standard, and when did this change over?)

    I've created a squadron which my research tells me didn't exist--ideal for a fictional novel--and I have suitable squadron letters, plus a couple of Hurricane registration numbers to match the period, but I would love some help with checking I haven't made obvious mistakes and embarrassed myself prior to publication.

    I'm hoping to discuss some of these points with people who are more knowledgable than I . . . and (only if you wish), I can add your name into my acknowledgements section of my completed book. As a fun exercise, I also have spaces for pilots in my fictional squadron, so if you're excited by the prospect of taking part in the Battle of France and the subsequent Battle of Britain, please get involved!

    I published my first book in 2012, so The Battle of France will be my seventh novel.

    Andrew Toynbee
    Tony B Andrews
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    Welcome Andrew,

    It might be worthwhile posting a message on this page as there are a few authors that visit it (both fiction and non-fiction)-

    Aircrew Book Review

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    Many thanks for the link.
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    Hi Andrew... and welcome. In 2001 I made a film for German TV on the BoB... I believe it was also broadcast in the UK. If you want you could send me a personal message via this forum.
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    Where can I find your film? Is it hosted on line, or available on DVD?
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    Andybee, so far I can only find the German version on Youtube:

    But I seem to remember that we made a longer version for the international market... if only I knew the English title...

    Please don't let yourself be put off: It starts with the bombing of London and then it goes back to the events unfolding after Dunkirk... and remember: it's 20 years old. My first film for TV. We interviewed quite a few British pilots, that's why I responded to your call for help.
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    I found a 3 DVD set with the same title on Amazon, but still in German. Coincidental titles?

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    Yes, that is the series we made, and "Schlacht um England" is one of the eps...
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