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  1. Avid consumer of all things WW2, wanted to start a fun project so i set up a website that is essentially a word/trivia of the day for WW2 with a bit of cheekiness. Meant to be a 30 second stop each day to expand and test your WW2 knowledge. Im asking nothing but you share and enjoy. Here is my official site pitch

    "Everyday we cast light on the brave men and women of WW2 and highlight extraordinarily difficult moments that happened on this day. we hope in our cheeky somber way to pay respect to the greatest generation, and no matter what is happening in your life remind you, at least you're not..."
  2. Would love any feedback anyone has or where I could promote this?
  3. Owen

    Owen -- --- -.. MOD

    I had a quick look this morning & was very dubious as to whether it was safe or not.
    Got the impression I'd catch a virus there.

    The website name doesn't even relate to WW2.
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  4. von Poop

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    I quite like that.
    The link to suggest donating to the Polish Airmen's association a nice touch.
    (Google results show USHM donation - assuming that'll shift depending on subject?
    aaaaaaa.jpg )

    Good luck with it.
    Dunno how hard you can 'promote' such, as I'd see it as a slow burn thing, though maybe Twatter a start.
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  5. I liked this website name I guess I could have added ww2 to the title. The site seemed unsafe? What gave that impression, the simplicity? it’s through wix, should be completely safe I’ve ran my business website through them for years without an issue.
  6. Thanks for the feedback, I’ve noticed that too since I update daily sometimes it will show the link to yesterday’s charity but take you to the correct one. It’s a wix basic site, open to feedback to fix that if someone knows. Slow burn is no issue I’ll update daily even for just myself, but hoping others enjoy.
  7. Owen

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    Mainly the fact a brand new member joined to plug a website which as a Mod on here raises alarm bells for me.
    Members who usually do that are spammers.
    Maybe you could have explained what it actually was a bit better with a screen shot or two.
    I never got the 'at least you're not' until von Poop pointed it out.
  8. That makes sense I was stuck between excitement for what I created and no where to put. I plan to be more involved with these boards as I move from the loner podcast community to a discussion/participation community.
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  9. Owen

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    Just had another visit to your site & it looks slicker than it did yesterday.
  10. I’m working hard to make it better and better it’s a few days old excited to see what I can make it in a year, but always attempting to make it a sleek in and out just fun daily experience. I appreciate the compliment and you coming back.

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