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    Hello everyone,

    I've since recently developed a keen interest in the events of World War II and in my readings stumbled upon some brilliant reading regarding the origins of the SAS and the LRDG.

    In my reading I found that David Stirling prior to the creation of his SAS, was a member of 8 Commando. And so I began reading about the British Army Commando's of WWII.

    I can't get enough to read on this unit and their escapades! Does anyone have any suggested reading or weblinks?
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    See my post under The War in Italy - 3 Commando Bridge.
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    I take it you mean the Commandos as opposed to only No.8? Unfortunately No.8 were not as long lived as others, hence their history, mostly North Africa as part of Layforce, is comparatively short.

    The Army Commandos, which originated Britain's permanent special forces, were never regimented for their trouble and disbanded after the war as were the SAS. The Royal Marines Commandos being a different case as the Marines originated in 1664 and comprised more than their new Commando formations. Post war, despite Bob Laycock's best efforts as head of Combined Operations, Sterling was better connected and succeeded in playing his part in getting a small budget to re-establish the SAS. Army Commandos never re-emerged until the 1960's with 29 Commando Royal Artillery and 59 Independent Commando Royal Engineers.

    In terms of books of 'the story of the Commandos' type, there's unfortunately more of the poor-to-rubbish variety than the worthwhile - unit specifics and memoirs are better served however. One book of the better variety most seem to appreciate is "The Commandos 1940-1946" by Charles Messenger - ISBN: 0718305531. It's a better than reasonable attempt at a large and difficult subject and worth putting your hand in your pocket for a decent hardback copy. Out of print so needs to be found on ABE or Amazon - not too hard though for around a tenner.

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    Thanks very much gentlemen!
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