No. 466 (RAAF) Squadron Buckingham Palace investiture DFC March 1945

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    Team-mates in the same Halifax bomber, winner of the same decoration, these three Australian airmen each received the Distinguished Flying Cross from the King at a recent investiture at Buckingham Palace. Left to right: Sqn/Ldr. W.E. Eagleton, Newton, Sydney, F/Lt. J.E. Wade, Kyogle, New South Wales & F/O. B.W. McCoskere, Inverell, New South Wales.

    Squadron Leader William Edmund EAGLETON
    (Aus.403727), One night in August, 1943, Sqn/Ldr Eagleton was detailed for a mine laying operation off Brest. Extremely adverse weather prevailed and in order to identify his target, this courageous pilot descended to almost sea level. Intense anti-aircraft fire was encountered. Despite this,Sqn/Ldr. Eagleton identified his target and successfully laid his mines, returning to base withan undamaged aircraft. Sqn/Ldr Eagletonhas at all times shown the highest degree of courage and devotion to duty which has been a fine example to his squadron.

    Flight Lieutenant John Edward Wade (Aus.420411) Navigator

    Flying Officer Bernard William McCosker
    (Aus.413009) As air gunner, F/O. McCosker has taken part in a large number of sorties, involving attacks on a wide range of enemy targets. He has displayed great keenness and ability throughout and has proved himself to be a most dependable member of aircraft crew. On one occasion, in an attack on a railway siding, his aircraft was engaged by a fighter. As the enemy aircraft attempted to close in, F/O. McCosker opened fire. After his first burst his guns became jammed. The mid-upper gunner also was unable to fire his guns. Nevertheless. F/O. McCosker gave clear and concise evading directions to his pilot who finally out manoeuvred the attacker. By his skill and coolness, F/O. McCosker contributed materially to the safereturn of the aircraft.
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    Wade's cousin was killed in 1945 .
    >> Flying Officer Norman Wade Everett

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