Normandy skyline postcards issued to soldiers...

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    I wasn't issued with any such map for D-Day Landing, but I know the first officer on our LCT certainly had them to identify where he should land. If that's any help.

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    Not mine to post.

    I copied a RE Coy file on Saturday for a certain member (Hopefully they will post the page) and it had quite a lot of info in the appendices regarding Overlord and one that stood out was silhouettes of key landmarks along the beaches like water towers, various churches and other tall structures. All named to help them identify where they were on approach to the shore.
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    I Have had a look at the few photos that I took a couple of years ago and cannot see anything about the printers and cannot recall seeing any printers details on the booklets.

    I will be going to Kew this week and will have a look at a couple of them to see if there is anything relating to the printers on them. Will photograph and post the photos if there is.

    All of the booklets are at Kew if you want to have a look at them. Reference numbers are DEFE 2/377 to DEFE 2/392.

    There was also a cellophane/plastic grid issued with them that could be used to indicate targets. Photo below giving the details for target indication and a photo showing the coverage of the booklets.

    Believe over 5000 were issued/printed.




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    Looks like there are examples in ADM 199/1604 and ADM 199/1605 as well.
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    Cee.... that would be very nice of you :D
    I have my contact settings set to 'Receive Email from Other Members'.... can you send it to me via the link or should I pm you my email address?

    Many thanks


    The best I can do is email you a 300 dpi tiff scan of the booklet and you could take it into a photo shop on a CD and have a print made. It won't be the greatest and would look something like the attachment which has been straightened.

    Someone might have a better Idea ... ?
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    Thank you all for your fantastic information :D

    I'm going to send my mum a link to this thread and hope to arrange a trip to London with her to have a look-see! :D

    Any further information would still be great to hear!

    Many thanks
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    I'll send you a PM with link and you can download from the web ... :)
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    Thank you for sending the scans Cee.. very kind of you :)
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    Reviving an old thread ...

    A story from the Mail on a panorama stitched together of Spitfire photographic reconnaissance photos that is to be sold by auction. I'm not sure if this was the source of the pictures used in the fold out booklet or another project altogether.

    20 foot long panorama of the Normandy coastline - Mail Online

    Regards ...

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