Norway as a Primary Target?

Discussion in 'Scandinavia' started by Mussolini, Sep 16, 2011.

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    May I add, although a bit off in the discussion's development that prior to the German invasion of Norway on 9th April 1940, the British did mine several Fjords and areas along the Norwegian coast. Having lived in Oslo for some time, this was discussed with friends and they said the Norwegians were just waiting for the British to arrive, the Germans beat them to it.
    Also, the German troops passing through Sweden is frequently discussed here, although, as many times with todays media, they get their facts all wrong!
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    Hi Philo King
    whale oil (really an esther, not an oil)

    Your whale oil should be more specifially termed sperm whale oil which is a mono-glyceride ester (reaction product of an alcohol and a fatty acid). It is found occuring naturally in the head of the Sperm Whale and was an excellent high pressure lubricant.

    Was very difficult to synthesis and only in the late 60's when Sperm Whale huntng was band were substitutes found.

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