Operation Goodwood Lectures

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  1. Chris C

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    Noticed this morning on YouTube that there is an old Army video series uploaded discussing Goodwood with interviews with Generals "Pip" Roberts and Hans von Luck.

    First part:
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  2. Charley Fortnum

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    Great stuff so far, thanks.

    I knew that Pip Roberts was young, but 37 as a divisional commander in 1944 is remarkable.

    Pt. 2: Roberts speaks of Hobart as having first commanded the division, but his pronunciation of the name was unexpected: HOH-buht not HO-bart. You learn something new everyday!
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  3. m kenny

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    So much of the area has changed since those films. They are the best source for how it used to look.
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  4. Chris C

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    Good point!

    I felt like falling out my chair when Roberts passed the discussion on to Bill Close.

    Very much like the maps. I often have a hard time keeping all the locations in my head when I'm reading a book, if they are even shown on the maps.
  5. Ramiles

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