Operation Hardtack 24 and 27

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    Hi all

    I've been (badly) reproducing the route map for Operation Postage Able (COPP's reconnaissance of Omaha Beach, which started 17 January 1944) using a copy of the original orders held in the Royal Engineers Museum archive.

    Unfortunately their copy the orders isn't the clearest. But I was intrigued to see that the map included 'point AA' for either Operation Hardtack 24 and 27 or Operation Hardtack 24-27. (It's difficult to make out.)

    There also seems to be a handwritten note on the map saying that no Operation Hardtack sorties were to be conducted for the duration of the COPP reconnaissance. Unfortunately the writing is very soft in the copy and it's difficult to read - but that's what I think it says.

    Anyway, there's no other information but I thought some might be interested to see the point on the map, to get an indication of the area. There doesn't seem to be much/any information about 24 and 27 online, that I can see from a quick search.

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    Operation Hardtack, was a series of operations…..spotted this on Hardtack 26

    A series of Commando Raids were planned under the code name HARDTACK in late 1943 and were numbered from 1 to 36. The operations were conducted by men of No. 10 (Inter-Allied) Commando, No. 12 Commando and the Special Boat Service (SBS), and took place on the Channel islands and the northern coast of France in December 1943. Most of the raids consisted of ten men of various ranks, carried by Motor Torpedo/Gun Boats (MTB/MGB) and dories, except for one operation, which was an airborne landing. The raids were ended by order of Major General Robert Laycock because they caused the enemy to bring up reinforcements, which could have been detrimental to the Allies' strategy for D-Day.

    Operation Hardtack (commando raid)



    John Hunt

    Operation Hardtack


    National Archives - DEFE2 files | ͏

    DEFE 2 236 Operation Hardtack / 1
    DEFE 2 237 Hardtack / 3
    DEFE 2 239 Operation Hardtack / 5
    DEFE 2 240 Operation Hardtack part 6
    DEFE 2 241 Operation Hardtack / 7
    DEFE 2 242 Opwration Hardtack part 8
    DEFE 2 243 Operation Hardtack / 9
    DEFE 2 244 Operation Hardtack / 10
    DEFE 2 245 Operation Hardtack / 11
    DEFE 2 246 Operation Hardtack part 12
    DEFE 2 247 Opeation Hardtack part 13
    DEFE 2 248 Operation Hardtack / 14
    DEFE 2 249 Operation Hardtack - part 15
    DEFE 2 251 Operation Hardtack / 17
    DEFE 2 252 Operation Hardtack part 19
    DEFE 2 254 Operation Hardtack / 22
    DEFE 2 254 Opeation Hardtack part 16
    DEFE 2 255 Operation Hardtack / 23 and 25
    DEFE 2 256 Operation Hardtack / 26 and 27
    DEFE 2 257 Hardtack - parts 29,30,37,41,42,44

    Hardtack Records at National Archives
    Search results: DEFE 2 Operation Hardtack | The National Archives




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    Hello Rob,
    Below are the details of Op Hardtack 24, 21 and 27. All cancelled at some stage.

    In November 1943 it was planned to carry out the following Hardtack operations.
    6 to 8 Hardtack operations in the area Havre/Ostend
    2 Hardtack operations on the East side of the Cotentin Peninsula
    2 Hardtack operations in the Channel Islands


    DSCF3535  Hardtack.jpg
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    Rob well done for posting thank you for your work

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    Seems like it was a bit of a "pick 'n' mix" of operations!
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    Have a peek at: Operation Hardtack Posted awhile ago on a thread on Op Candlestick.

    Re: Hardtack 7, Hardtack 22 and Hardtack 28.

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