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Discussion in 'NW Europe' started by Bart150, Jul 18, 2015.

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    I'm studying Operation Neptune, the naval part of Dday.
    I have the book by Edwards, published 1945.
    Any other recommendable books?
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    There's a 3 vol set called 'Invasion Europe' which includes the Admiralty's report on Neptune. There seems to be a glut of them in the market at the moment, you'll be pleased to hear.

    The official history 'War at Sea' may also be worth a look but I don't know the depth of its coverage of Neptune. In any case, I suspect it may be based òn what's in Invasion Europe as the official service account.
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    Gators of Neptune: Naval Amphibious Planning for the Normandy Invasion by Christopher Yung

  4. Hi Bart,

    I noticed that you're looking for info on HMS WHITSHED. She was part of the escort for Convoy ETL1 (not EIL1 as you found on the web), which was Force L Sailing Group 4. More info here:

    Trux's figure of 30 LCT(3) in the Convoy is the correct one (not 24 as per your otherwise excellent source), because 6 LCT(3) for JIG were added to the Convoy, together with 1 LCI(L) for JIG and 1 empty LCI(L) parting company for PORTSMOUTH. The 12 LST(2) were part of GL1 and planned to be made up of 4 British and 8 US ships.

    The responsibility of the Escort ceased when the convoy reached the waiting positions and the SO Escort was to place himself under the orders of Naval Commander, Force G.

    The SO Escort was Cdr GN Rolfe, DSC RN on HMS MONTROSE. The ML in the escort was ML 119. Although not mentioned by Trux, HMS LOOSETRIFE was indeed planned to be part of the escort.

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    I have an unread copy of the previously mentioned "Gators of Neptune" which looks like a good read and has garnered some good reviews.

    Also "Operation Neptune" by B.B. Schofield, which is Volume 10 in a series called "Sea Battles in Close-up". Probably difficult to find.

    A more recent book that was published last year is "Neptune" by Craig L. Symonds.
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    Just a suggestion but rather than books, why not go to primary sources?
    Admiralty records ADM 179 and 199 at Kew contain excellent reports of everything from ships logs to convoy details to flotilla reports to beach officer reports, etc, etc. Great reading on their own.
    And of course don't forget the American records, many of which are on-line.
    I am sure one of the war diary bods on this forum will be able to help you getting anything you need from Kew

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  8. Bart150

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    Thanks very much, everyone!
    Tis a pleasant topic to research. Loads of stuff to get hold of, so a lot to work through, but, if you are researching some particular angle, not that difficult to decide what is and isnt relevant.
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    From the US side, there are also Harrison's 'Cross-Channel Attack' (also on Hyperwar, I believe) and Morison's 'The Invasion of France and Germany'. In case you run out...

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