Operation Varsity Commemoration 24th March 2017

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    In Memoriam (my uncle) Lt. Robert Stoddart Preston KIA 24 March 1945

    and all those who did not make it home.

    Operation Varsity

    18 Platoon B Company 2 Oxf Bucks

    Coup de Main, Glider CN2

    Time of landing 10.21

    Remembering also, one of the survivors Godfrey Yardley, sadly no longer with us, who it was a pleasure to have known.
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    Canuck, Thanks for the link.

    Lt. R S Preston was very friendly with CANLOAN officer Lt. James Cochrane MC who was travelling in glider CN1 alongside CN2 at the head of the Coup de Main attack on Hamminkeln. Both gliders were shot out of the sky, CN1 getting a direct hit with no survivors. Bob Preston and James Cochrane were killed within minutes of each other. Bob and James had served together as platoon commanders in B Company 2 OXF & BUCKS. They served in Normandy and the Ardennes prior to Operation Varsity.
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