OS James S. Reid P/JX298953

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    19th August 1942

    OS James S. Reid P/JX298953

    CWGC list his ship as HMS Ledbury and naval-history says 'Ledbury accident'. However his death is recorded with many other Operation Jubilee casualties in ADM358/899 as being 'killed by splinters'.

    On the 19th August, HMS Ledbury was on passage from Malta to Gibraltar after taking part in Operation Pedestal and does not appear to have been involved in any action.

    So the question is which is correct? Was OS Reid killed onboard HMS Ledbury from either an accident or enemy action or had he left the destroyer prior to its departure for the Malta convoy and subsequently died on an unknown craft during the Dieppe Raid, but his service record had not been updated, thus leading to his death being associated with Ledbury?

    Any information gratefully received.


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    Operation Pedestal. The Story of Convoy WS21S in August 1942

    HMS Ledbury (Accident* – dra 19 August 1942)
    Reid James Samuel (20) Ordinary Seaman P/JX 298953 Scotland
    *James Reid was tragically lost during the voyage back to Gibraltar, with Penn and Bramham in company. Two twin-gun mountings on the stern of Ledbury had been used to engage an enemy reconnaissance plane. A faulty shell fuse exploded as it exited the muzzle of one of the guns, killing him instantly.
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    Thanks for that information. It really solves an Operation Jubilee mystery I've been trying to resolve for long time.

    To have survived Operation Pedestal and then died in a gunnery accident, what a waste.


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