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    I am currently looking into my great grandfather Percy Jones. I don't have concrete evidence, but I was told he served in the 156th Battalion in Arnhem. I know of the book “From Delhi To Arnhem” and will be looking into buying it but I'm unsure if the name of my g-grandfather is mentioned.

    All the information I have is below:

    Pte Percy Jones (Was also know as Peter as he didn't like his name)

    156th Parachute Battalion
    I was told he was involved with D-Day at Caen and Market Garden and was captured as a POW. Later involved in Palestine in the 1st Parachute Battalion. Again I don't know too much about his story and only have found one interesting record that links to a P Jones mentioned in a casualty list later to become a POW and then later to be released
    Record Details for P Jones (Parachute Regiment)

    Also Served in
    1st Bn South Wales Borderers 13/06/38
    1st (Rifle) Bn. The Monmouthshire Regiment (68th Searchlight Regiment) (10) (55th Company) 01/11/38
    68th (Monmouthshire Regiment) Searchlight Regiment, Royal Artillery 01/08/40
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    1st (Rifle) Bn. The Monmouthshire Regiment (68th Searchlight Regiment) (10) (455th Company) 01/11/38 - Missed the "4"
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    Dan there is a Pte. P. Jones 156th Parachute Battalion who is said to have gone missing on the 25th September 1944.

    The service number is 4077685.

    Here is the POW Card too his capture is down as 19th September 1944.

    WO 416/201/356
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    Thanks for the quick response, interesting to know that the service number is the same as the forces war record I found. May I ask for the source?
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    Oh wow, thank you for the POW information. Amazing work!
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    I don't see a P Jones in the Nominal Roll in "From Delhi to Arnhem" - the gent brithm has mentioned is in there but as E.A.Jones (using the service number given), on findmypast the number comes up as P Jones though so looks like the book may be wrong.

    If he was at Arnhem he almost certainly wouldn't have been involved around D-Day - a lot of family stories about men who served at Arnhem also have them in Normandy but that only really happened with Glider Pilots.
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    E.A.Jones (who I think should be P Jones) is noted as being in 4 Platoon of A Company - it also said he came from the Royal Artillery which ties in with the info you have
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    Thank you AB64, much appreciated. I can see that the D-Day involvement may be a bit stretched.
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    Dan, if you have his service record it will say something along the lines of emplaned 5th June 44 if he went to Normandy.
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    Pte A Jones with the above service number is shown as being in aircraft Chalk 606 which flew to Arnhem on the 18th September 1944. BTW the Battalion is not referred to as the 156th it is known as 156 Parachute Battalion. The last surviving officer, John Waddy, who was a Major in B Company, celebrated his 100th birthday last week. He will confirm that no members of the 156 took part in the Normandy operations.
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    Thank you all, very odd with the different names, I can't find a record of a middle name. I'll have to obtain the service record one day and update.
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    Yes definitely apply for his service records, i got my fathers a few years ago and they gave me loads of information.

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