Palastine and the Royal Ulster Rifles

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  1. RUR

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    Does anyone know when the 2nd Btn Royal Ulster Rifles went to Palastine?
  2. singeager

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    RUR were in Palastine 1937 if that helps?
  3. BFBSM

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  4. RUR

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    Thanks guys, I believe 1st Btn was in Palastine before the war and 2nd were in India, its the period after the war I am searching for, I have service records on the way so that may help but I'll keep searching in the meantime.
    Thanks for the link BFBSM an interesting read, I'll have a good read through it when time allows.
  5. sol

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    2nd Bn was arrived in Palestine in 1937 while 1st Bn was in Hong Kong since 1935 and in 1937 in was transferred to Shanghai before in moved to India.
  6. wtid45

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    1ST Battalion RUR were part of 6th Airlanding Brigade in Palestine, as of OOB Jan 1946.
  7. wtid45

    wtid45 Very Senior Member

    1ST Battalion RUR were part of 6th Airlanding Brigade...... in Palestine, as of OOB Jan 1946, 2nd Battalion were unit under command 6th Airborne, some time between Oct 45 and April 46.
  8. RJL

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    About mid October 1945 the 2nd Bn started to make the move from Belgium to the Middle East: Toulon - Egypt. Just prior to Christmas 1945 they moved to Palestine and met the 1st Bn who were there also.
  9. sapper

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    Third British Infantry was sent to Palestine just after the war.....Not much rest for the first in on Sword Beach. The RUR were part of the Div...So did they go then
  10. bessie

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    hello RUR read your message my late father was in the RUR enlisted Ballymena he served in Palastine and Korea he also became a Para... Am wondering how i would find his regiment ? I have been told that a lot of RUR became Paras or gliders? thanks for your time Teresa
  11. saintconor

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    Hi RUR, are you looking for anything in particular or their campaign in Palestine in general?

    Bessie, If you start a new thread with your late fathers details then I'm sure someone might be able to help.



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