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Discussion in 'Modelling' started by razorboy, May 26, 2008.

  1. razorboy

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    Turning a 25 year old Ausf. A turret into a late model Ausf. D Pantherturm
    I have had this Tamiya Panther A kit in my closet for almost 25 years. Finally found some use for it. Old and outdated as far as the really "Slick PE Enhanced" kits of today go, I decided to fabricate what I needed for this build, thankfully I'll only be "Scratchbuilding" some of the outer turret components. I don't posess the talent or the patience to upgrade the whole 1970's Tamiya kit with a scratchbuild and it would be easier (and smarter) to buy the Dragon version if I was doing the whole tank.
    As you can see there is a lot of filling to be done.
    The gun mantlet received a larger and deeper hole for the coax mg. The twin small holes for the gunsight (Ausf. D) were drilled, replacing the single large hole common to the A and G models. [​IMG]
    The cupola hatch required some detailing as well.
    Here's the actual original -
    Here's the Tamiya original -
    Here's the modified Tamiya -
    New "hoist points" were made from small paper clips cut off at the bend and attached with tenax liquid weld. The grab handles on the cupola hatch, loader's hatch and above the loader's hatch were modified from those in the kit. The pistol port plug is from the "parts box". A quick coat of paint was applied to expose any need for additional filliing/sanding.
  2. Lt Fontino

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    Greetings Razorboy!
    I modified myself an old 1/72 Airfix Panther turret to "Schmall" turm configuration.
    Good work, keep it up!
    Lt Fontino!
  3. deadb_tch

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    Probably offtopic but is this a Luftwaffe eagle on the cap that is showing from the hatch on the pic:

    Wondering what Luftwaffe man doing in there.
  4. mlespaul

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    Hard to tell as the pic is blurry around his cap, but it appears to be standard wehrmacht panzer Einheitsfeldm├╝tze, maybe M1943 style, not Luftwaffe. Piping around edges is the giveaway for officer.

    It could be Hermann Goering division, but if you look closely at the area where the eagle is grasping the swastika, the swastika is encircled. If it were luftwaffe there would be no circle around the swastika. I think the picture is blurry and the front of the cap understandably crumpled from all the moving around he's doing ;).

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