Panzer Jager - Man Vs. Machine

Discussion in 'Modelling' started by razorboy, May 3, 2008.

  1. razorboy

    razorboy Junior Member

    Fooling around outside one afternoon last fall and came up with this :

    Tamiya KV-1c, and lead (Valiant I think) figure.


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  2. kfz

    kfz Very Senior Member

    Very nice RB again, fine work.

    I odnt know how you do figures, very hard.

  3. razorboy

    razorboy Junior Member

    Thanks Kev,
    I appreciate your kind words.

  4. kfz

    kfz Very Senior Member

    Your welcome

    Are you going to give a bit more detail ,like materials and techniques used?

  5. Currahee101

    Currahee101 Junior Member

    Looks real very nice.

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