Part played by gunner John Luck 1142693 in Operation Market Garden ?

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  1. Hi
    Have found some basic information on my grandad, John Lionel Luck, who was in the 112 (The West Somerset Yeomanry) Field Regt. Royal Artillery and died on 18th September, however would like to put some detail around his experiences to make him real for my children, his great grand children.

    He seemed to die only one day after operation market garden started, what happened ?
    where was he based,
    what would he have been responsible for?
    What were the living conditions like?
    Leaving a 5 Year old son (my father) behind in UK, he seems to be one of the older men in the regiment looking at the lists, how did he get there ?
    Only his mother and Win, his sister, are on the grave stone, why is his wife Ethel also not there ? Is there a std protocol for the details on the head stone ?

    Will take a breath now and see if there is any detail out there other than the general discussions on the operation Market Garden.
    Thank you for reading
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    Welcome to the forum. I have attached your Grandfather's Royal Artillery casualty card. It states that he died of wounds. Owen has a copy of the 112 Field Regiment unit history. He will be able to give you the details of how your Grandfather was wounded and subsequently died.

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    Apparently, 112 Field Regiment area astride the Escaut - Meuse canal was bombed by 6 German planes - between 1915 and 2015 hours - and one field gun was put out of action and 4 men killed.

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  5. Owen

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    As stated I do have the regimental history for them.
    Page 87 says this for the 18th.

    A relatively quiet day with the 30 Corps advance on a six hundred yard front having reached Valkenswaard well out of arty range.
    The Regt was however firing in support of the flank attacks by 8 Corps in a successful crossing of the Canal. At 19.00 hrs there was a sustained attack by some 50 German bombers on the gun positions with 220 Bty suffering the worst casualties by anti-personnel bombs.
    Gnrs Luck, Davie and Stewardson were killed and Sgt Beckhelling , Bdrs Painter and Capucci, L/Bdr O'Brein and Gnr Pepper wounded and evacuated . These were all from 220 Battery . Sgt Porter of 477 Bty was wounded and died of his wounds. Lt Goddard records 'Enemy still active on our flanks and on the Canal. Touching sight as the local Dutch families came out to the body of one our dead awaiting burial with flowers and their prayers.'
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  6. Buteman

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    Rank: Gunner
    Service No: 1142693
    Date of Death: 18/09/1944
    Age: 38
    Regiment/Service: Royal Artillery
    Unit: 112 (The West Somerset Yeomanry) Field Regt.
    Grave Reference: III. B. 2.
    Additional Information: Son of William Lenaan Luck and Annie Luck; husband of Ethel M. Luck, of Beckenham, Kent.




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  7. Wow - this is exactly what I was looking for - has sent shivers down my spine and really brings John's last hours into focus - thank you so much - what a wonderful site and a great source of information.

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