Photograph of General Erwin Rommel

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    Here is a photo of that appears to be General Erwin Rommel. It was probably taken during the North African Campaign. I found it in amongst my fathers small wartime photo collection.

    So how did a RAOC driver in 1st Armoured Division get his hand on a photo of the infamous leader of the Africa Corps?

    Were these taken from captured German POWs? Were these photos then being swapped amongst 8th Army like cigarette cards?

    Were there allied facilities in North Africa that could mass produce this for the troops?

    Rommel briefing troops.jpg

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    Could have possibly been just after the war? My grandad was REME and was posted back to Egypt to deal with German PoWs who were still held around one of the workshops. My dad remembers swapping cap badges and odd stuff with the Germans at that time :)
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