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    Could anyone with a copy of "Unsung Heroes of The RAF - The Far East Prisoners of War" please do a look-up for me?

    I'm trying to research Aircraftman 1038562 Gordon Hayward Holland who served with the RAF and was taken prisoner in Java.

    I can't see any reference to a squadron or unit apart from a note on his POW Index Card which states his secondary unit as St. Eval (he served there prior to his posting to the Far East in late 1941).
    Unfortunately he doesn't appear to have completed a Liberation Questionnaire so information is very sparse.
    He was held in Java before being transported to the Moluccas in 1943 with 'C' Group work party that constructed the airstrip on the island of Haruku.

    Gordon was shipped back to Java after becoming desperately ill, but did survive captivity and was liberated in 1945.

    Any help at all on units, dates and/or camps would be very greatly appreciated.

  2. Peter Clare

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    Steve, from the aforementioned publication....

    HOLLAND Gordon Hayward 1038562 - Unit not known - Held Java.

    Sorry but that’s all there is.
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    Hi Peter
    Thanks for checking

    best regards

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