Polish Intelligence Contribition In Ww 2

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    Found this article posted on another forum.

    Polish foreign minister Adam Rotfeld considers the report on
    Poland's contribution to the Allied victory in World War Two
    compiled by the joint Polish-British commission of historians as a
    meaningful development in the countries' mutual relations. The
    document presented in London points to 44% of British intelligence
    information as coming from Polish agents and sources. Minister
    Rotfeld, who is on a working visit to the UK, said the report is
    accompanied by mixed feelings. On the one hand, Poland is very
    satisfied by the British authorities' consent to opening war
    intelligence files to Polish historians. On the other, he
    underscored, the question arises: why has it taken 60 post-war years
    for the move to be made? Adam Rotfeld added, the report confirms the
    tremendous contribution of Poles to the anti-Nazi effort and the
    ultimate victory of the Allies. The head of Polish diplomacy also
    pointed to the increased meaning of intelligence documents found in
    British archives about the Holocaust passed on by Polish sources
    during the war. Now, nobody can say they had no knowledge about the
    genocide, Rotfeld said.
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    Glad to see more of this material coming out and the Poles regaining the credit they so rightfully deserves for their role in the war.

    My feeling is that the Holocaust reports were greeted by two reactions:

    1) Anti-Semites admiring that the Nazis were getting rid of the Jews.
    2) Doubters who felt they had been fooled the first time by anti-German propaganda and would not believe it the second time.

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