POW Death March

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    Thought this may be of interest lifted (with permission ) from friends Facebook page.

    Had these notes a few years given to me by someone who's dad was captured at Arnhem he knew nothing else, he left no medals just these notes and a para cap badge. Finally decided to send them to the Airborne museum. I asked if they could give me his unit. before I had finished giving them the details I had, Wendy Gave me this Info: FRED WOODLEY Pte. 11404915 10 PARA wounded and captured Arnhem 44. Trans from Warwicks Reg. para course 16-6-44 (report, rather inconsistent tries but lacks concentration) de-mob: 12-6-46. Fred completed the death march from Stalag VIIIC to near Frankfurt (400 miles in 31 days mid winter) this is the diary he kept. He never spoke of the war and his son never even knew he was a para till he found his cap badge after his death!

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