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    DoB = Date of Enlistment?
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    I hadn't noticed that - maybe he joined as a (baby) boy soldier - I usually check general records on Ancestry (births/deaths etc) but haven't got round to this one yet - from a quick look I think he has a middle name of Edward and was born 1/11/13 and died 1988 - also looks like his father was killed on the Somme
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    1873 wood.jpg

    375771 James Leonard WOOD, A coy 8th DLI captured 27/5/18 at Craonne
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    6912263 Francis George SOLLY, 1st Rifle Brigade wounded at Calais 25/5/40 and captured on 29/5/40 - he suffered splinter wounds to the back. This is the 3rd group I have to a 1st Rifle Brigade Calais POW

    1887 solly.jpg 1887 solly2.jpg 1887 solly3.jpg
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    1896 HUTCHINSON.jpg

    307773 Walter HUTCHINSON of 2/8th West Yorks who was taken POW 27/9/18
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    1898 TURNER.jpg 1898 TURNER 2.jpg

    1113461 Frederick John William TURNER of 135th Field Regiment RA (again Lt Col Toosey's Field Regiment) captured at Singapore. This pair are both marked with a Japanese stamp and were the ones carried by him while a POW, considering this they are in remarkably solid condition.

    This is the 4th one I have to a 135th man, not sure why this Regiment seems to come up more than others, one day I'll find a 155th (Lanarkshire Yeomanry) Field Regiment POW paybook.
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    1902 WAGSTAFF.jpg

    6100268 Reginald Newell WAGSTAFF of 72nd Anti-Tank Regiment RA, part of 6th Armoured Div but attached to Blade Force for the landings in Tunisia, he was wounded and captured 4/12/42
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    Reginald was held at hospital in Piacenza according to the WO392/21 file (August 1943). Forum member vitellino may know more about this camp.

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    1697984 Stephen Reardon of 7th Coast Regiment RA, captured at the fall of Singapore, again its in decent condition considering the conditions it has been carried in, below is an interesting entry which I've seen a few times, basically saying the prisoner gave his Parole only under orders of his CO (in this case Lt Col G S Madden of 9th Coast Regiment) as in theory doing so was an offence and this was to avoid the chance of punishment once freed (I believe), I've also read that the officers only ordered this after appalling treatment of the POW's in Changi with the threat of worse if they didn't sign. Not 100% sure on his camps but looks like he worked in the Kwai Bridge area

    IMG_20210331_0002.jpg GBM_POW-GALLIP_1-1-2067_00165.jpg GBM_POW-GALLIP_1-1-2067_00166.jpg REARDON_Stephen_1024x1024.jpg
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    IMG_20210401_0002.jpg IMG_20210401_0001.jpg

    912327 Robert Arthur CULLEY of 107th (South Notts Hussars) RHA who was wounded and POW 27/5/42 during the Battle of Gazala, he was possibly lucky to be captured then as about a week later the Regiment fought a rear-guard action in the Battle of Knightsbridge where it was effectively destroyed so he missed that. I've no idea why he was issued 2 replacement books on Liberation
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    Robert Culley was held at H202, the hospital camp at Lucca according to the WO392/21 file (August 1943).

    Culley 2.jpg
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    IMG_20210511_0002.jpg IMG_20210511_0008.jpg

    6857751 Richard William Elmes of 11th KRRC, 23rd Armoured Brigade captured when a German patrol overran their position 6/4/44 - interesting to see a letter from his CO explaining the circumstances, I've seen this for killed but never captured



    GBM_WO417_074_0247.jpg GBM_WO417_076_0321.jpg GBM_WO417_095_0251.jpg
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