Presentation of medals to men of the 15th Scottish

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    I was wonder if this forum could help me.
    I'm looking for some pictures that were taken during the presentation of medals to some members of the 15th Scottish Div. by Field Marshal Montgomery.
    This happend on December 15th 1944 or 1945...
    A lot of men who were involved during the liberation of my municipality were decorated at that ceremony. Sadly I only have some realy bad copies (like the one I added) but you can easily recognise the pictures because of the distinctive background.

    Anyone got an idea where I can find them?

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    It might be helpful if you could supply more information such as - what is your municipality and when was it liberated?
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    I'm talking about the liberation of Mol and Geel, Belgium in september 1944.
    The picture is of Canloan Lt. Stobo who was attached to the 8th Royal Scots at that time.
    I'm trying to find a better quality picture for his son.
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    I'm sure a mate got copies of another units medal presentation from the IWM photo archives so I think that may be worth checking
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    I did find pictures in the IWM archives from another presentation of medals by Montgomery. But these were taken in a field in Geel on september 15th 1944. I'm looking for other pictures taken later in time...
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    Once you gave us the surname it was easy.

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