Presentation to All Remaining Northern Ireland WW2 Veterans

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    If you are aware of any remaining Northern Ireland Second World War Veteran Please send Details to the Email address below.

    This week a proposal by Councillor Peter Martin to honour all surviving WW2 Veterans in Ards & North Down passed through Council.
    It was also his suggestion that we mark their contribution & service by presenting them with a 'Silver Poppy of Remembrance' in early November this year.
    Colleagues of his will also be proposing similar schemes across other Councils throughout Northern Ireland who hopefully will adopt similar schemes.

    To facilitate this and make sure no one is missed Peter is trying to compile a complete list of surviving World War 2 veterans in Northern Ireland.
    The service of these veterans, and those who are no longer with us, in defeating Fascism and underpinning the democracy we enjoy today, rightly deserves to be recognised especially as we approach the 75th anniversary of VE Day.

    It is intended to identify all these WW2 Veterans and thank them one last time.

    If you can help with any information please E-mail with information regarding Veterans.

    Admin- I hope this is permitted. It is an appeal to identify all WW2 Veterans remaining in Northern Ireland so they can be gived a Silver Poppy as shown.

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    best change the @ to AT

    Assume they have contacted the RBL
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    Yes indeed.
    I have contacted all Councils, R.B.L., R.A.F.A., R.N.A. and a number of WW2 related sites I am aware of.
    Dont want to miss anyone out.
    Various enquiries have been made by others and it appears that there is no Record of these Men and Women.

    Thanks very much for permitting this.

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