Private Diary: CALAIS, May 1940, 1st Battalion QUEEN VICTORIA'S RIFLES, Major TL Timpson

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    Welcome. All I'll say is - If ever an account needed a sketch map or two it was this one ;)

    Andy - how many BEF E&Es have you heard of who rowed across the Channel?

    There are plenty of maps and sketch maps in Jon Cooksey's - Calais A Fight To The Finish May 1940.

    Ref getting across the channel I've read a few times this being mentioned in books. The longest I think was from the West Coast of France. It happened quite a lot at Dunkirk but most or all were picked up by boats at som point. I'm sure I've even read of chaps swimming the channel from Dunkirk after being fed up waiting.

    I think its fair to say thats by far the most detailed and best account you have done so far.

    The surprise for me was someone told them 48 Division was coming to relieve them. I'd like to know where that came from?

    Many thanks again
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    I'm quite into this account so I have decided to edit in additional infomation in red and source the infomation below.

    1. Post 7: Page 47 of Calais - A Fight to the Finish, May 1940 by Jon Cooksey.

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