PT boat “Plywood Bastard”

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    “Plywood Bastard” nicknamed PT boat in South Pacific. My father was a gunner on this PT boat, he is now 92 yrs. old and can not remember the number of the boat or the squadron number. His name is Lannie Hendrix and he was stationed in Espiritus Santo, New Hebrides. He was later on another PT boat and then a skipper of a Picket boat nicknamed “Stardust”, but he can not remember the number of that boat either. He was later a Shore Patrol in San Diego.
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    Hello Mike and welcome
    If your looking for more info
    our sister site in the US
    WWII Forums
    would be able to help but please stick around and add anything you can to this forum

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    Would this be it:

    Pacific Wrecks
    PT-108 "Plywood Bastard/8 Boat/Lil' Duck"

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    "Espiritu Santo was basically used for off loading of the boats. It had the only capable Crane to offload the large PT BOATS, and was used as a staging area. Boats would simply make their way to Tulagi, then Rendova which was the major headquarters for all of the PT BOAT SQUADRONS, in that area. Espiritu Santo was also used as a major overhaul base for the Packard Marine Engines, but was quickly disbanded as the boats moved further up the line."
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