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    just been discussing the special bayonet manufactured for the Sten Mk II during the war and wondered if anyone had ever seen a photo of one in use? I know that accepted wisdom has it that there was few of them made (Skennerton reckons about 75,800) and that they saw very little use with most being scrapped by the end of the war, but is there any photographic evidence at all of their use...anywhere, home or in theatre?
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    Spud Watson of 7 Para on the right has his one fitted.
    I also know that Lt. Norton of the MMG platoon lead a bayonet charge on 7th April 45 at Wunstorf Airfield.


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  3. Old Git

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    I'm not so sure he has, that looks like it might be an standard No. 4 (pig sticker) Bayonet on a Mk V Sten. The special bayonet would only fit on the Mk II Sten because of the length of available/projecting Barrel on the Mk II. Will need to pop over to IWM website and have a close in look at this pic to see if I can zoom the detail on the bayonet.
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    I’m no expert on the differences! Just came to mind that I knew that pic had a bayonet on the sten.
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    Thanks for that TD, that's an interesting shot of a demo of, what appears to be, a prototype of this particular Bayonet. I don't think the skeleton shroud and the clip on the top made it into the production models. All the same, very nice to see this and probably the first time I've seen this pic...although the more I stare at it the more I#m convincing myself I've seen it before ;-)

    The Pic on the Paradata website would appear to show the men armed with Mk V Stens again (re the fore-grip, wooden stock and the pronounced Iron fore sight). The shorter barrel on these meant that the 'Sten Bayonet' could not be used with them,
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    I don't have a photo but a friend found one in the woods near one of the Landing Zones near Arnhem - from memory it was in KOSB locations (although others would have passed through the area).

  8. Old Git

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    Hi Alistair, I'd love to see a pic of that find, if your friend can be persuaded..

    Here's an article on the Sten bayonet to help identify it...

    Sten bayonets

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