Queens Bays - Algiers Concert

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    dear all,

    my grandfathers diary references an entry to the following;

    "concerts were put on for officers and troops in the war and one so was staged in algiers with an entertainer called nat ganella, he performed with his clarinet for the audience he fell onto the platform stage that made everyone laugh, I was one invited to the wine reception party set up by officers.

    The catering was being organised by Corporal Nicholls a geordie by origin he was serving flagans of white table wine and to make it more special was putting a spoonfull of andrews liver salts in each one. I never had one myself but noticed the quick holes being dug outside by people to relieve themselves as I didn't get the impression it went down well with the stomach's, I never had any myself."
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    Nat GONELLA did a tour of many areas - he visited us also in Italy - he was famous in the UK pre -war along with Henry Hall ; Jack Payne ; Roy Fox - and many others for their dance music as we - at that time knew something about Ballroom Dancing - which came to an end with the American Jitterbuggering around the dance floor and has yet to recover..


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